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The Modifyers will eventually be made into a series by Cartoon Network.
It worked with Adventure Time, so...
  • Or more likely, it will be picked up by Disney.
  • My money's on a streaming site like Amazon or Netflix.
    • It did get picked up by Cartoon Network, but got dropped before it could go anywhere.

Had the pilot been picked up, the show would have a Once an Episode formula.
Every episode would focus on a different artifact, a different form of Xero's would be showcased, and in episodes related to Baron Vain, he'd say his line about the things he hates, but with something else in place of "country music" every other episode, as a catchphrase of sorts.

One episode would have had Agent Xero develop amnesia and believe she was the persona of one of her disguises.
The obvious example being Lacey Shadows.
One scene/gag would have Xero have to cycle between her disguises rapidly
It would be a Cast Show Off moment for Mae or whatever VA she would have gotten, changing between multiple voices.

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