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YMMV / The Modifyers

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  • Cult Classic: Despite just being a pilot, the unique setting and premise made it a hit with animation fans and, if nothing else, are at least glad they got a concept out of it. Unfortunately, the passing of co-creator Chris Reccardi in May 2019 has made it impossible for any further developments.
  • Girl-Show Ghetto: The official reasons for the pilot getting rejected are unknown, but many viewers believe it was because Nickelodeon had already experienced several failures with female-led shows, and did not want to take the same risk with The Modifyers.
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  • Misblamed: A lot of people blame the porn parody for the show not getting picked up, but none of the involved staff has confirmed or denied this.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: Agent Xero's ring.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Baron Vain's introduction is fairly unsettling. At least until he starts talking.
  • One-Episode Wonder: Nickelodeon dropped it after airing only the pilot.
  • Too Good to Last: Despite a positive reception from both viewers and critics, the proposed show didn't get any farther than half of its two-parter pilot.
  • Ugly Cute: Rat can easily be seen this way.
  • "Weird Al" Effect: Most people only know the pornographic parody.
  • What an Idiot!: Xero's boss, Katz. Yes, give your secret agent a spy ring that can fall off at any time, 'cuz it's too big for her finger. While you're at it, make it noisy. All of which put Xero's cover identity at risk of being blown, at the end.


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