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Midge vs. Sophie
Now that Susie is agent for both Midge and Sophie Lennon, she's going to take advantage of their public feud and use it as publicity for both by encouraging them to snipe at each other on stage, even if they've resolved their differences in real life. Perhaps by even arranging a "comedy prize fight" by pairing them both up.
  • Jossed.
Joel's Club
Season 2 ends with Joel planning to use the $60,000 his father gave him to open a club. His club will be a major unifying plot point for season 3, perhaps even playing a major role in Midge's career when she returns from her tour with Shy:
  • Midge has some sort of trouble (again) that keeps her out of the other clubs, such as the sort of indecency charges that affected Lenny Bruce in real life. Joel's club will become a haven for her to perform.
  • Alternately (or perhaps in combination with the above) Joel's club is failing, and it's Midge that comes to his rescue by using her growing star power and connections to pack the house.
    • While not to this extent, Joel's club does experience a major problem on its opening night when the jukebox and sound system go on the fritz. Midge jumps on stage to keep the crowd entertained and stop them from walking out until he can get it fixed again.
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  • The title of the show is, after all, The Marvelous MRS. Maisel. Maybe she stays Mrs. all along: it’s clear Joel's love for Midge, that torch, remains lit, undimmed. The dealbreaker on a reunion at the start of season 2 for Joel, was that he could not let himself be her punching bag in what he saw as her brilliant comedy. But as season 2 progresses, Joel warms up to Midge's new life, asking her "How was the gig?" when she's telling him about Abe turning up at her Concord gig, and being the first to vouch for her to their skeptical parents and in-laws when Midge is using Yom Kippur dinner to announce her new career.

    Remember, Midge is based in part on Joan Rivers. Joan always made jokes about her husband, made him much the beloved butt of her comedy, as did many a male comedian did it with their wives in the day. Maybe, especially as a successful comedy club owner, fingers crossed, he will feel more secure in allowing that to happen. And I thought it was a neat thing that he loved her and admired her so much that he was willing to sacrifice being married to her in order to let her pursue her dream and her talent. There's also a neat father-son character parallel that Moishe sets Joel free and allows him to pursue his dream, much as Joel was willing to do for Midge, with the large financial gift. Both are guys with significant schmuck and mensch quotients, with the heart of gold element making them loveable despite their flaws.

Susie's managerial skills
Susie has been Midge’s number one champion since the start of the series but being someone’s cheerleader is different than being an effective manager.

The telethon episode seems to demonstrate some of Susie's strengths and weaknesses: the "speed-dating" scene of Susie talking to a chain of various folks to get Midge on the telethon shows Susie's strengths at networking. She's scrappy and resourceful there, but at the telethon, things were a disaster: first, Susie didn’t research the other acts appearing on the telethon and was caught by surprise that Sophie was appearing, let alone was the special guest star of the telethon. Susie later barged into Sophie’s dressing room to yell at her and threaten her despite Midge specifically telling her to take the high road. And Susie refused to let apologize after the Sophie Lennon debacle in season 1, telling Sophie her client shouldn’t have to apologize for “what makes her a star” even though Sophie says an apology would have been all it took for her to undo her blacklisting of Midge.


And then there were other examples in the season, like picking a fight with the manager of the club who was outraged that Midge said “pregnant.” To a degree, Susie’s MO seems to be to bluster, bully, or threaten to get her or her client’s way, to the point that Midge is becoming increasingly tired of this approach. It's hard to blame Midge for being like that, as there’s only so much club owners are going to put up with, especially for Midge, who is an up and comer. Even Lenny Bruce, who is highly respected in the biz, has to play nice and clean up his act for jobs.

For season 3, Susie will either learn via trial by fire as Sophie’s new manager that she has to work another way or Midge will be courted by other agents/managers on her Shy Baldwin tour. That will kickstart Susie to switch tactics. It's also possible that future plot elements will revolve around Midge's profile growing beyond Susie's abilities. Susie might get a little left behind by Midge and the tour and she'll ultimately go to Sophie ready to crack skulls.

Season 3 will see racism added to the topics that are addressed

Midge is now signed on to open for Shy Baldwin on tour for six months. Blacks (like Shy) and women (Midge) were second class citizens back then. So that's almost certainly an issue that will rear its head.

  • Confirmed. Shy has a double-whammy of being black and gay. The latter he has to keep quiet or else it will ruin his career. The former rears its head in Florida when Midge suggest they sneak back to her hotel so she can patch him up after he's beaten by a hookup, and Shy pointedly states that his people aren't allowed to stay at Midge's hotel down South.

Sophie's refined act

I would say that Europe is the best place for Sophie to start refining her persona as a comic, and maybe get some dramatic roles, because she's less known there as a comic. Then, after she's proved herself, she can return to New York and wow everyone. It actually would be kinda cool for them to all tour together and stand up for each other. So maybe that's how it will play out? The various tensions of keeping things secret and then finally, the teamwork when they all start working together?

Susie and Sophie will not last long
Susie may take Sophie up on her offer, but I don’t think it will last. Sophie is a bit of a prick (given her efforts to hamstring Midge), and I can’t see Susie putting up with her for long. Susie's worked hard for what she has, and Midge is on the verge of becoming a huge success, mostly due to Susie. Sophie’s money will be too hard to pass up. And Midge is going to hate going on tour with Shy Baldwin for 6 months without Susie.

Joel will become a co-manager for Midge
Midge and Joel both have accepted that even if they're split, they'll still be constantly a presence in each other's lives due to their kids. The season 2 finale ends with Midge choosing comedy over marriage as she gets ready to depart for 6 months of being a road warrior, visiting Joel for one last booty call before she heads off with Shy Baldwin. We'll likely see Joel try to move on in her absence while caring for the kids next season, even though they periodically end up in bed together. But, there's also a few scenes in the later episodes that suggest that Joel's discovery at the end of the season is that his true love is the club scene (vs comedy), coupled with Midge's (and Lenny Bruce's) realization that the comedy scene/business sucks to those who push the envelope. This paves the way for Joel opening his own club that caters to envelope pushers that make jokes about pregnancy and Popes. The writers wouldn't spend so much time detailing the $60,000 gift and Joel contemplating opening a club for no reason. Both seasons have also established Joel to be a very good businessman, while showing us exactly how he’d handle shady business (when he strongarms the club that tries to stiff Midge).
  • Partly confirmed. Susie turns over control of Midge's finances to Joel once she realizes she can't handle the responsibility because of her developing gambling problems in season 3.

Susie will work for Sophie to break out of Midge's shadow
Midge is rising up, and while it's true that Susie discovered her and got her the first gigs, one could also say that Midge was going to be successful anyway. And one could then think Susie is basically riding her coattails upwards. At the start of season 1, Susie had to develop Midge's talent: encouraging her to go with her own humor (not the jokes bought from the guy at the Stage Deli), her persona, her timing and how to read a crowd. And she had to constantly search and scheme to find gigs. By season 2, Susie's job has become more about making sure Midge doesn't do anything to wreck her career, and dealing with contracts, and again, securing gigs.

It would be neat if Susie was able to show that she's not a One-Hit Wonder in terms of comedian management. If she was able to reinvent Sophie Lennon, that could be wonders for her. Sophie has been fairly successful as "Sophie from Queens", and I bet she does have comedy chops and timing to get this far. On the other hand, it's clearly a stale and tired act and probably on its last legs (Sophie seems to be going through the motions when she appears on the telethon, and her scene with Susie in the last episode suggests she also wishes to spice things up but feels oppressed by Harry Drake). It would be cool if Susie could transform Sophie. It'll be a lot harder to develop Sophie compared to Midge. Midge is like a sponge and eager to learn. Sophie has been in the business and I'm sure would be a lot more resistant to change. So maybe Susie could get Sophie to be a variation of her real self (snobby socialite) in comedic roles, which could combine her comedy skills and acting.

  • Jossed. While Sophie certainly demonstrated the talent to be a serious actress, and Susie did an excellent job helping her express it, Sophie ultimately lacked the fortitude. She broke down after a relatively minor misstep on stage. When Sophie tried to blame Susie and Midge, Susie terminated their partnership by rightfully tearing her apart. Additionally, for all Midge's talent, her act at the Apollo demonstrates just how keenly she needs Susie's guidance. While the advise Reggie offered in Susie's absence wasn't bad, Susie's better familiarity with Midge may not have led her to making the jokes that got her kicked off the tour.

Abe will become a critic who vouches for Midge
By the end of season 3, a revitalized and liberal Abe has landed a job as a critic at the Village Voice. This will make him someone who will be a big advocate for Midge that gains her attention, since every time Abe saw Midge perform, the interactions practically read of "we're setting up for Abe to rally to his daughter's defense", which will be very important after this gaffe with Shy Baldwin.

Susie will have problems in season 4 with her relationship with Midge being strained
Susie should have been there at the Apollo to keep Midge calm and suggest crowd friendly bits that might not be so dangerous, and would've given better advice than Reggie's advice thanks to her better familiarity with Midge's habits. Combined with Susie’s gambling problem and her gambling away Midge's savings, that may lead to Midge developing issues with her.

Midge's firing from the Shy Baldwin tour will be a blessing in disguise
We'll certainly get a look at the fallout in the first couple of episodes of Season 4, but I don't think they'll really drag that out. I don't think Shy or Reggie will want to drag out the reason she was fired into the press, as that in and of itself would draw more attention to Shy being gay.

Unlike the Sophie Lennon debacle, where Midge was essentially blackballed, I actually think the opposite will happen. Namely, someone influential will really like Midge's "shock comedy" and want to hire her.

Midge will join the New York Friar's Club
As demonstrated with her routine at the Apollo, and earlier in season 2 ripping into a couple Jerkass comedians who were hassling her all night, Midge has a natural affinity for The Roast. With Midge's star rising, she'll join the club and we'll see her participate in a Roast, with an array of real-life Friars appearing.

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