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Linda Murphy, played by Alexis Thorpe, was not human or at least already knew that John was immortal.
This is the young girl who asked if John met any dinosaurs think about that for a moment she's a college student asking something a question that most children under the age of 10 would know the answer to. Then when people start getting angry or scared she just sits there like none of this stuff is new to her until the end where she ask the question that proves all of this real "Your name it's a pun isn't it Oldman 'Old Man' did that help you with your story?" smiles a knowing smile and walks off without fear or amazement like she knew he was lying about it all being a lie from the start.

Also as a side note she is the only person apart from John Oldman or Will Gruber who has a last name or at least according to IMDB

  • Perhaps she is the other immortal John contacted for a while, and she's been following him around waiting for the right time to reveal herself. Would explain why John couldn't meet "him", since that was a fake identity.

The Man In The 1600's was...
John is Mr. Flint
  • or at least an alternative version of Mr. Flint, as Star Trek was mentioned.
  • John is 14,000 years old, more than twice as old as Flint claimed to be. Maybe the other immortal John met in the 1600's was Flint.
  • A bit of a stretch, perhaps, but his people did think he was a shaman (psyker) and the Emperor is at one point implied to have been the inspiration for Jesus. The main problem with this (besides the otherwise vastly different tones) is that John claims to be (probably) from (what is now) France, whereas the Emperor is from Anatolia (now known as Turkey).
    • Unless John found out his reconstruction of his distant past was wrong. Not a stretch considering how little he has to go on.
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    • The Horus Heresy series establishes that there are other immortals hanging around. The Emperor could have been the man in the 1600s. The most obvious for him to be is Oll Persson (to the point that he may well be a deliberate expy of John), but John being the last surviving Christian seems... somewhat unlikely.
John is just a delusional regular guy after all
  • But he has the same father as Gruber. The guy has a habit of abandoning families and leaving messed up kids behind. John knows stuff from Gruber's childhood because his father told him, and looks enough like his father to provoke the shock of recognition in Gruber who last saw the guy some 50 years ago.
  • Yeah except that john is explicitly said to be in his mid-30's, and Gruber is in his early 70's so unless Gruber's father dated someone in his 60's or 70's, John is Ageless.
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  • Um, guys...John IS Gruber's father.
  • Gruber asks about the family dog specifically because he wanted to make sure John wasn't this to him, as the family dog had been with them before Gruber was born and, realistically, would not have been alive if John was just a normal man born normally (the dog would be in his 40's or 50's had John just been a regular man, due to him being in his mid 30's and Gruber being in his late 70's). The Dog should have been long dead so the only way John could have known about the dog was if he was there when Gruber was born.

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