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If all this bad stuff is happening in Disney World...
...Then Universal Orlando is even worse off. Think about it. Universal has dinosaurs, supervillains, and He Who Must Not Be Named — and I haven't even gotten started in the original park. The big question is, why haven't we heard about this yet? Other than the obvious copyright reasons, dude.
Wreck It Ralph will appear to help the Keepers, and Turbo will become a major villain at some point.
Because he's hopefully good enough to not be manipulated by the Overtakers. And possibly Sergeant Calhoun, Fix it Felix Junior and Vanellope von Schweetz will help as well. Also, Turbo will become an Overtaker (of course) and try to kill the Keepers at Autopia or something.
  • Jossed.
Judge Frollo is being manipulated
I'm having a hard time believing that Judge Frollo would be supporting Malifecent in her plans. Yes, he's an evil fundamentalist who'd burn down the city to capture a group of Jews, but he considers himself a pious man (even if we all know that's just a bunch of horse dung). He would never willingly support a woman who's big plan is to raise a being who is either a pagan god or Satan himself. It's making me think — is he being mind controlled? Or does he know a lot less about the plan than we think?
  • Frollo being a widely accepted heinous villain, I'd say that he's only doing this out of desire to kill people and didn't really know a lot about the plan.
Elsa and co will appear in the next book.
Think about it.
Frozen is Disney's highest grossing movie to date, and there's no way the characters could not appear somehow.
  • Confirmed-Elsa does appear in the final book.
Disney World in The Kingdom Keepers universe acts as a Portal Network for the Disney multiverse.
All of the heroes and villains are magically animated due to the ripples echoing through the Multiverse, stemming from The Keyblade War.
It would make sense: the ripples of the Keyblade War, felt throughout the greater Disney Multiverse, would undoubtedly cause odd effects to ripple throughout the universes. Possibly duplication of characters or places, or magically animating the heroes and villains.

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