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Zoey is....

...Ebony. Or at least the House Of Night version of her. Both girls are humanoid vampires that need blood for survival, but a host is not necessary. Though Ebony dislikes sunlight and Zoey is slightly hurt by it, both don't die from being out in the daylight. They also have powers that they mysteriously get during the story. Zoey wangsts about how everything in her life sucks, just like how Ebony wangsts about how did Satan made her beautiful. They both go to a school where most, if not all, of the kids believe in the same ideas as them. The people that dislike them are their enemies. Ebony is in a huge love triangle, as well as Zoey.
  • And both like Count Chocula. Interesting.
    • I would just like to give a big high-five to whoever came up with that theory. You are my new favorite person.

...Bella Both become vampires somewhere during the story. They eventually grow powerful and have extraordinary powers. The two also have divorced parents, with the mom being the one who had remarried. They each eventually have at least one vampire boyfriend or love interest. They also tend to live in areas that are very cold, which is Oklahoma and Washington. Both are even weirdness magnets that attract all different kinds of the supernatural. They also tend to lose all of their human friends in the course of the story.


Following the above, Kristen Cast is Tara Gilesbie.

Both wrote stories which amount to Twilight meets Harry Potter, seemingly named after Evanescence songs, with female vampire protagonists with birds in their names. We double-dare you to declare this all coincidence.

The Big Bad's motivations for going over to The Dark Side is because...

She is secretely in love with Zoey. It makes sense and not just because everyone else is in love with Zoey either. It's why the Big Bad sent her lover to seduce Zoey, she did it so that she could be close to Zoey in the only way she knew how. Like how The Big Bad always says that she doesn't want to share Kalona only when Zoey's around. So she's just projecting her lust for Zoey onto Kalona. Rephaim has already stated that The Big Bad just pretends to be Kalona's mate and The Big Bad only showed signs of being evil when Zoey started dating Erik and Imprinted with Heath. The Big Bad is just broken hearted at never being chosen and never being able to express her true feelings and it's just morphed into a serious case of If I Can't Have You....

Aphrodite and Stevie Rae secretly...

Have feelings for each other. It would explain how they imprinted in the first place. Both of them just deny it.Once upon a time Stevie Rae admired Aphrodite due to her status and looks. Aphrodite found Stevie Rae annoying and decided make her the 'refrigerator' to get her to stop. it worked but Stevie Rae secretly thought of it as an "invitation", and would later take up on it. Aphrodite felt bad for doing it but decided to ignore it, thinking it was just one of Nyx's orders. After Aphrodite gets Erik as her boyfriend, Stevie Rae gets heartbroken and decides to bury her feelings for her.Their feelings disappeared, or is still buried in them, after they find the other having another person and thinking that they the other doesn't love her the same way.
  • It would explain why Aphrodite is such a bitch towards both Zoey and Stevie Rae when she first introduces Zoey to Stevie Rae as her new room-mate. Aphrodite was just jealous about how Stevie Rae would now be giving her attention to Zoey instead of her. Stevie Rae may not have been afraid for herself, she may have been afraid of what Aphrodite could have told Zoey or done to her.
  • Later, when Zoey takes the leadership from Aphrodite, Aphrodite tries to follow Nyx and her feelings this time, unknowingly followed her buried feelings as well. Stevie Rae is still hurt from being heartbroken so she dislikes Aphrodite like the rest of Zoey's friends.
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  • Later, when Stevie Rae dies and un-dies, Stevie Rae's hurt feelings transform to If I Can't Have You.... Aphrodite in the end sacrifices her humanity to get Stevie Rae back to normal and Stevie Rae chases after her to keep her out of trouble and bring her to the tunnels.
  • Aphrodite starts calling her "bumpkin" now and Stevie Rae invites her back to her place to do whatever she might be thinking.
  • Stevie Rae gets angry and possibly jealous when Darius becomes Aphrodite's warrior. and Aphrodite in turn knows that Stevie Rae has imprinted with someone else.
  • Thanatos outright says it is only possible for an imprint to happen if both are sexually attracted to each other.
    • So...Nyx ordered Aphrodite to make Stevie a 'refrigerator? And the only reason Aphrodite bullied Stevie Rae was because she was secretly in love with her?


Everything that happened is in Zoey's head

  • Think about it, it happens in a world that despite Vampires being the norm, there are shows like True Blood and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, her stepfather has been demonised and Zoey herself is the centre of the universe in her own world. All her friends are represenations of her psyche with Eric being the rational side that has to be shed as her world becomes more and more seperated from reality.

Zoey is an artificial human

  • Come on, think about it. The reason why she's so good at everything... It's because that's the entire reason why she was created in the first place. They knew beforehand that she was going to be a vampyre, so they trained her to be the best one yet. Her father left because he didn't want to be around his child, knowing she'd eventually leave, her mother was nice at first because she wanted her to know that not all humans are bastards, but then started to be sort of a jerk when John came into the picture.
    Why? Because John knows that vampyres are all brainwashed into believing that humans are inferior to vampyres in every way and so she'll hate them no matter what. This is why he, in Zoey's mind at least, seems to be so cruel because he knows it won't matter much. Also, Neferet is mind-controlling all her "friends" into liking Zoey as soon as they see her.

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