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The heroes will make an heroic last stand

As stated in the main page, the city is pretty much doomed and the heroes are simply prolonging the inevitable. During the last missions of the game, the Skaven will quit playing around and launch the entirety of their forces upon all resistance, culminating in a last stand (possibly in the city's last stronghold) that will see the heroes killed off with the remainder of the population.
  • Jossed... for now. They destroy Grey Seer Rasknitt and scatter the Skaven forces... for the time being. The final narration does state that the Skaven will launch all their forces upon it, however, but it does not discuss the fate of the heroes.

A dying moment of awesome

If the above WMG happens, then the heroes can at least die a glorious death after killing the Skaven Clan Leader in an epic boss fight.
  • Jossed. See above.

And in that final moment...

They will each invoke It Has Been an Honor.
  • Jossed. See above.

Kerillian already knows this is the End Times.

The ritual she observed that she wasn't meant to involved the elven preparation for the End Times and she realized that the whole world is completely screwed, nobody will survive, and there's nothing anyone can do about it. She abandoned her post because she saw the wood elves as simply rolling over and taking it, instead seeking out the humans knowing that in their ignorance of the truth they would fight it. Now she's obsessed with trying to prevent or delay the End Times, chasing
possibly-prophetic dreams, hoping to be able to make an impact before she dies and stem the tide just a little. It's telling that her version of the mindscape room in the Wizard's Tower is a blasted, ruined, dead landscape. She also seems unusually scared of dying or being captured, which would deny her the chance to change things, and one of her responses to being rescued is terrified gasping and panting from her worst fear almost coming true. Now the only way she's able to cope with it all is to hide behind her arrogance and sense of superiority, preferring to think she's still capable of making a difference instead of giving up, and she tries to keep everyone at a distance so she doesn't get attached to people she knows are already dead.

Possible DLC Characters

  • High Elf Loremaster of Hoeth - Combination Swordsman and Combat Wizard. Warhammer Online already ran with the idea of Swordmasters of Hoeth occasionally using a sword-and-shield combo instead of only their iconic greatswords, so that opens up some options for melee weaponry, and having magical tomes with differing abilities would work well for ranged.
  • Dark Elf Blackguard - Heavily armoured, halberd-wielding badasses. With Malekith finally finishing the ritual to become the Phoenix King during the End Times, there's definitely room in the background for a Dark Elf to be fighting alongside the other player characters. For ranged weapons, Dark Elves do love their repeater crossbows.
  • Dwarf Slayer - Fairly iconic for Dwarfs.
    • Jossed- there are no new classes as DLC. Instead, the sequel introduces multiple classes for each of the existing characters (so it probably won't introduce any more actual new characters either).

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