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Taylor is in a "Groundhog Day" Loop
The visions s/he has at the start of the story are things that happened the first time around and it's only now s/he gets a chance to fix things up.
  • Quite confirmed. The Endless is really an older Taylor having gone through 2,139 loops trying to break the cycle, only for the group to die horribly each time.

Each of the Catalyst idols can have their futures prevented
The premium options would have Taylor use the knowledge gleaned from them to save his/her friends from horrible fates.
  • So far it's prevented with Quinn, but we've yet to see the rest.
    • What was seen of Quinn's vision was not prevented but the outcome was stopped so it probably is possible to save the others.
    • Diego's catalyst idol flashforward nearly came true as well, but with some differences: There were other people besides Diego and Varyyn present, and Aleister was alive.
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  • Jossed. The visions you see are just a few of the many bad futures the group have been through.

The sequel series will be called Endless Winter
Just as the Freshman turned into the Sophomore, the group will get off the island, but now they're in a snowy city that should actually be in summer for example.
  • Jossed. They manage to get off the island in Book 2 Chapter 13... But when they get back to Hartfeld, it's a volcanic landscape!

Lila is really a Reverse Mole
Several clues are given about her, including her physical resemblance to IRIS. Her bonus scenes including the revelation that IRIS is based on Rourke's late wife, might indicate that she is possibly related to her, since she got flustered when Taylor points out that "they almost look like sisters". The following premise can generate the following Epileptic Trees:
  • Lila is a close attempt to clone Rourke's wife.
  • Lila, while pretending to work for Rourke, can also be Aleister's mother's sister/relative, and she's actually looking for Rourke to have revenge.
    • Given that it's been revealed she murdered Olivia Montoya (Estela's mother), this is highly unlikely.
    • Jossed even further when she dies in Book 2 Chapter 15.

Taylor is the Endless
Considering that we get some interesting information about him/her. S/he was born on La Huerta, Rourke has been looking for him/her, s/he is aware of the time loops, has dreams and visions of things to come, and has an interesting connection to the catalyst idols. There is a possibility that the Endless is a future Taylor.

Furball's gonna have one hell of a growth spurt
In Book 2 Chapter 11, it's revealed that Furball will eventually become a Guardian of La Huerta. Considering how big the crab, Cetus, and the Yeti are, he's gonna be giant like the
Nine-Tailed Fox.
  • Jossed. When he returns in Book 3 Chapter 7, his size remains the same as the time he split with the group.

Outside of Quinn's idol vision, everything seen will be shown in Book 3!
  • Jossed. The visions are just a few of many bad futures each of the group has had.
  • Confirmed with Diego's vision, but with two major differences ensuring his and Varyyn's survival: there were othre people present alongside them, and Aleister was alive.

The finale of Endless Summer 3 will be quite the Gondor Calls for Aid moment.
Rourke will do something so horrible that all of the Vaanti, Cetus, and the Yeti will come together to destroy Rourke and his Arachnids.

The Mysterious Figure is a new form of the Endless
If Book 3 is started with Taylor meeting the Endless, the Endless parts by letting themselves get swallowed up by lava. This allows them to bring the group the Embers of Hope now that they can finally leave the Island.
  • Jossed. The ghost is actually Vaanu.

Taylor doesn't exist outside of La Huerta.
Taylor is never mentioned in any of the catalyst idol flashbacks, including their own, where Diego is trying on a new shirt for an outing but seems to be talking to himself rather than Taylor.
  • If that’s true, how did they manage to come through the Lernaean Gate and interact with the characters in the destroyed Hartfeld?

Taylor is one of Rourke's clone children
Book 3 Chapter 9 revealed a big whammy that Aleister is a clone of his father, one he considers imperfect. It'll be another wham moment for Taylor when they find out they're also a clone of Rourke regardless of gender or race.
  • JOSSED! They are the missing piece of Vaanu.

Estela is Rourke’s daughter
In the bonus scene of Act VIII, Rourke says he has a daughter. Among the female catalysts, the only ones who have not had their fathers mentioned or known in any way are Michelle and Estela (Taylor doesn’t count because they can be either male or female). It would explain why Estela's threat level on her file says "Do Not Approach", why Rourke apologizes to Olivia when he first wakes up from the MASADA pod, why he couldn’t bring himself to kill her himself, and why Olivia came to work for him in the first place.
  • Con-damn-firmed!!

Jake and Fiddler were once romantically involved
Jake refers to her by her real name Jeanine several times, Jake and Mike actually told her of their plans to expose Lundgren. This implies a certain amount of intimacy and familiarity.

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