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The World of Buxom is due to a disease in the Endless Frontier
Only some characters, like Suzuka, are resistant to it.

Endless Frontier takes place in the same multiverse as Lyrical Nanoha.
Setting aside the "Meta-level connection" theory on Nanoha's WMG page, the Endless Frontier is what exists outside the TSAB's sphere of influence. The Cross Gates were created by the Belkan Empire to allow easy travel between their outlying territories, and they had thousands of years of dominance to conquer and colonize hundreds or even thousands of worlds, creating a massive but loosely-connected web of colonized worlds. The Bureau, by comparison, has only been around about 150 years and is still consolidating its' power around what used to be the Empire's core worlds. In the meantime, Belka has been all but forgotten on the Frontier, so magic isn't as common as it is in the Bureau's territory.
  • By extension of course, this means that the rest of the Super Robot Wars Original Generation games also takes place in the same multiverse as Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. Which leads us to...
    • But that theory with the Crossgates can't be used because the big Crossgates were created by the Einst when they were trying to go back to their own home universe and the little ones were created by Formido Heim with the data they found inside of "Tinkerbell" which leave implicit that those ones were created with data of the XN System, and actually the Endless Frontier it's just one world that was separated into other worlds with that row of hexagonal pillars called "Endless Frontier" which was created because of the Einst when they create the Crossgates. But maybe they can still be connected with the theory I formulate which I call "The Theory of the Shadow-Mirror/TSAB Incident" which says that maybe, when the Shadow-Mirror's army were traveling to the Original Generation universe they were detected by a TSAB battleship, and they try to arrest the Shadow-Mirror because they were considered hostile but then, the Shadow-Mirror attacks the TSAB battleship to distract them to they could get the oppotunity to escape but, in self-defense, the TSAB counterattack them and end up damaging the well-known Shadow-Mirror's Trilobite-Class Carrier "Neverland" causing it to desviate to the Endless Frontier where the carrier explode over Lost Herencia due to the damage and making that the back part which contained the the W Series crash below where it explode and the aerodynamic front part of the "Neverland" which contained the main computer "Tinkerbell" and the W-10 Arkgain was still descending until it crash in Formido Heim and then we all know what happens later on the story.

W-10 is "pilot" Haken

I am assuming that any W-Series which start with 0 is expected to be combat androids, not piloting androids. Therefore, it could happen that W-10 is a piloting android version of Haken. For instance, Caldia (W-06) is the combat android version of Echidna (W-16), whereas Aschen (W-07) is the combat android version of Lamia (W-17). If Haken is W-00, and he's a ground fighter, W-10 would be a pilot, with Haken's traits, and most likely be an android. On how he is to appear? If Endless Frontier is getting a sequel, W-10 may appear. Or he can appear in OG 3, with the excuse of being thrown in a different timeline than the rest of the Shadow Mirrors.

  • Why? There's no point in breathing anymore life into the Advance story or its elements anymore. MX is on the way, Alpha 2's settling in (Ibis' story, nonetheless, and the Youkijin's appearance in OG Gaiden that practically kick starts the Gun Eden plot), Axel and Alfimi have gone and left for their "piece of heaven" and Masou Kishin has the slightest chance to finally be given a place in OG (so says Word of God).
    • Well, maybe not OG 3, but could be in the future. Besides, it is very unlikely that Axel and Alfimi has left the plot completely. A lot has been prophesizing that Axel may play the role left by Rom Stoll during the MX storyline: being the Big Damn Heroes most of the time. Also, there's always a chance that his paradise might end up as being with the Feddies, after for some reason he found out that he prefers peace, just like in his Advance ending?
      • Most likely, some part of the OG storyline will involve a trip to the Shadow-Mirror universe, to deal with Beowulf.
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    • Unlikely, given that W00 (Haken) himself was supposed to be the pilot of the Gespenst Haken (presumably a scaled-up version of Phantom) But that means that Haken and the gang could end up in the OG- or SM-verse, which makes me wonder if Excellen will try to get him to call her "Sis" or "Auntie?"
  • Sis. I don't remember the name, but in Endless Frontier when you find out that Haken is a W-series the name of his creator is not Lemon, but rather a mans name. Probably Excellen and Lemons father.
    • Uh no. The Japanese clearly said "Remon", so it must've implied Lemon. However, Atlus slipped up and mistranslate it as 'Raymond'. Considering it only appears once, we'll assume that the corruption of the data of Mai Tierra has gone so deep that some of the information is distorted, including Lemon's name.
      • In that case, Haken is Lemon and Axel's son. His DNA had to come from somewhere.
      • Please elaborate. Judging from the OG continuity, Axel had no time to be the Casanova Wannabe as he is in Advance. Haken being a Lovable Sex Maniac just CAN'T come from OG Axel's DNA. And there's no mention about Lemon and Axel doing it.
      • There's no mention that they didn't, and no reason to believe that they wouldn't. A number of times in Super Robot Wars Original Generation 2, both are questioned on the possibility that they're using the other. The question would then be: using the other for what, exactly, if not "stress relief"?
      • Haken's DNA had to come from somewhere. Lemon and Axel may not have made him the old fashioned way, but rather have contributed to him. After all if your going to make a supersoldier, you want the best genes you can get. Lemon is a genius, and a very good sniper style mech pilot. Axel is an increadibly good martial artist, whos shown superb durability.
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  • Now that Axel's gonna make a trip to the Endless Frontier, I suppose we'll find out when/if he regains his memory.
  • Not to mention the Drama CD is a crossover between Endless Frontier and the main O Gverse, FEATURING FIGHTER ROA AND EXCELLEN!
    • All theories Jossed: EXCEED reveals W-10 is the Arkgain

Raymond Browning and Lemon Browning are two separate people

Specifically, Raymond is Lemon's father (or possibly mother), who used the W-series program to first attempt to revive Lemon through genetics, making her stronger, faster, and able to learn quickly to make up for lost time. This plan was eventually halted, although it would later be picked up again to make Haken. At this time, Lemon Browning -who had since been restored to life through cybernetics- revised the "super soldier" strategy through the use of androids and made Haken as well for whatever reason. Hence, Raymond Browning would be credited with making at least the plans Haken, Lemon Browning would be credited for the others.

And Hey, does we mentioned earlier that Lemon actually Excellen revived to similar system as W-series? and them when Lamia ask about Excellen's Family:

Lamia : M-miss Ecellen, do you have any families?
Excellen : Hmm? Just my father, why?
That means more or less, RAYMOND IS EXCELLEN'S FATHER BUT IN OTHER UNIVERSE, which Excellen's parents abuse their job as researcher to revive Excellen as Lemon. In short Raymond revives Lemon AND making Haken with same technology
  • The Inspectors anime confirmed about Excellen's current family members. When Lamia asked "Do you have any family members?" Her response was "Just Dad and me."
    • That still doesn't necessarily mean her father's name is explicitly "Raymond".

Suzuka isn't actually flat... her bra is just too tight.

The oni is mostly known for their strength, I would surmise that the Shiki-Oni is no exception. Therefore, any oni women would have trouble with keeping up their large breasts, so when a woman is born, their bra is created to be very tight that they could press their boobs enough to move around freely. Suzuka's not born a fighter thus her bra was so tight that it shrunk down her breasts. For a quadruple-digit year, she gets used to that tight bra and is the Pettanko we all know and love. And for the record, there might be other female onis like her that missed our attention.

Aledy and/or Neige is/are actually (a) W-series adroid(s)
In Endless Frontier, when you find the chamber the W-series were held in, W06's (Cardia) and W07's (Aschen) pods weren't the only ones open. two others were also empty. Where did they go?
  • Those 2 W-series androids may have been taken by someone or they broke out of their own accord
  • Officially debunked: Aledy and Neige are not artificial. The missing pods belong to W03 and W05, the former being Pete Pain, the latter being Big Bad Gymnos Basilieus.

Shiki-Onis are not mammals.
Suzuka is so flat because she has no mammary glands. She gets jealous of the other girls' endowments simply because Human culture is so pervasive throughout the Endless Frontier that she can't help but adopt their standards of beauty, like how so many black women get their hair straightened to look more caucasian.

As in, it can only cut those who are of evil alignment. Her spiritual powers ensure it can't seriously harm anyone who isn't really bad, hence why (outside of legitimate skill) neither Reiji nor Xiaoumu were cut to ribbons. That doesn't mean she can't still use to mess up anyone else either. It just won't kill them.

There are hints in OG Saga Exceed that Axel might be Haken's Biological Father
It is mentioned in the game that the 2 have similar personality and there was an event where Axel asks Haken if he wants to know about his father in the near end of the game

When Kaguya says she's the sword that cleaves evil, she means it literally
As in her sword can only cut those who are evil (with it's blade doing more damage the more evil they are). This is why she didn't kill any of her future allies by accident when they fought. Considering all the mystical powers she has (in Project X Zone, she was able to turn fellow Zankantou wielder Sanger Zonvolt's simple Katana into a facsimile of the Sanshiki Zankantou (Type 3 Colossal Blade) using her own spiritual power and the apparent power hidden in the sword), and the fact that we don't know the full extent of her powers yet, who can say it's not possible. Plus she seems kind enough that she'd want to avoid accidentally killing someone who might be a good person.

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