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The Blue One is a parasitic organism that hijacks and overtakes a normal person's personality.
Tezkhra's narration clearly shows that The Blue One is a separate entity from Tezkhra. It has a different text color, it has very different speech patterns, and it seems to have cosmological knowledge that Tezkhra is ignorant of. ("They can't get you here", for instance.) It also sounds like it was suppressed for a long time and awakened by the latent energy during Tezkhra's descent. From this, it seems logical to conclude Tezkhra is not The Blue One at all, but a totally normal Lesser. The Blue One tried to overtake his mind like The Black One did to his Lesser hosts, but somehow failed and was forced into dormancy. It may still have been able to influence him subconsciously, as with the design of Stardraw technology and the obsession with latent energy.


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