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Video Game

  • Some of the Lemony Narrator's descriptions for using items. Jabs for doing stupid things are common, and are especially humorous if you discover an unknown item by doing so.
    • Using a stinkwing gland: "The odor has destroyed your will to live."
    • Consuming a tchiitra hatchling gland: "That tasted about as pleasant as it looked."
    • Consuming a torn cloth: "You wonder why you just ate that. Then you feel sad."
    • Using a dried spiderose: "You crush the pretty little flower. Why did you do that?"
    • Consuming a Hawksbane vine: "You feel like you swallowed a bunch of thorns. Oh, wait."
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    • Drinking acidic lakewater: "The acidic water starts burning you... Now."
    • Using Emerald Saltgrass: "You literally just rubbed salt in your wounds."
    • Using a clump of salt produces an even more extreme reaction: "You just rubbed salt! In your wounds! Ahhh! AAAHHHHH!!"
    • Consuming soft soil: "Tastes like dirt. Probably because it is."
    • Consuming a Lasher's Well: "You realize too late that the bulb is filled with acid."
    • Consuming Arlowe's Weed: "You realize you've been reduced to eating leaves."
    • Consuming some sulphur weeds: "That plant was not meant to be eaten!"
    • Consuming some Dandy Do'Sshans: "Surprisingly edible, for a vile weed."
    • Consuming some river reeds: "You feel at ease after getting your daily fiber." So at ease, it actually heals soul health!
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    • Consuming some Jiknip: "Tangy, with just a hint of your own desperation."
    • Using Nalian rice: "You laugh in surprise as the grains spill everywhere!" Not terribly humorous in itself, but the message is the same for all characters...including Fake Tezkhra!
  • The Violet Potable drink is so delicious that it brings your character to their knees, even in the middle of combat. It's just that good, apparently.
  • The Citrus Concentrate item is "Really, really concentrated. Really. You have been warned."
    • Consuming it provides the message "The acidic liquid teaches you the meaning of pain!"
  • The Dark Honey description: "Honey made by very angry bees. Distilled, concentrated evil."
  • The sap tapper sap description: "Sap tapper's trapped sap. Snap the sap to trap a chap."
  • Sea slime venom "causes feelings of impending doom".
  • The Filthy Mutt description: "An angry mutt caked in mud and refuse. Probably very itchy under all of that."


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