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Popularity power is why Colin/Loki is so much more powerful than any other god seen on screen
In a recent episode Ingrid theorised that the reason the gods powers waned in the first place (way before the series started) was a lack of belief, so why does everyone besides Loki seem to get little from their powers? It's not so much belief as Popularity power. Assuming time in the series is roughly in line with the real world, what happened just as the series started? A woobtastic portrayal of Loki by Tom Hiddleston that gained many fans and made him more powerful than all the others, Odin was a minor player in the films so Axl gets little in the way of a boost and the other main player (Derek/Thor) is hampered by being a fat, slightly insane drunk despite the power boost he got from his namesakes film and the Avengers.
  • I always thought that it had to do with the god's physical age and emotional wellbeing/maturity. Mike's the one who's always had the most control of his powers until Valerie left and he started gambling more. Conversely, Axl is the youngest and though he should be the most powerful Norse god, he still has a long way to go emotionally (remember Kvasir's words? 'Become a man before you become Odin, and then the Frigg shall come to you.'). Colin's about as old as Mike is, plus he's emotionally very much okay with his powers and personality, hence his mastery over them.

Ty can't run away from being a god
  • Getting rid of the spirit of Hod doesn't get him away from his problems, next time a constant god requires a new host in lieu of finding a norse descended 21 year old it's going to head for him as a receptacle, perhaps someone we haven't seen on screen yet like Heimdall.
    • Considering the powers he got from being Hod, he might see it as a slight improvement
      • Half jossed, I was wrong that he'd inherit another gods power but as of S 03 E 08 he's got Hod's power back

Mike is going to get drunk with power
  • As of season 3 episode 8 Mike entered into a bet with Loki to protect his family, every time thus far we've seen him use his powers he goes into full on dick mode, with this bet in place he's unknowingly staying in Ullr mode all the time now and his jerkassness is going to grow exponentially.
    • This seems to carry over in episode 8. Starting with Axl getting a vision of Ullr saying that he's going to usurp Odin, and then Mike going into meltdown when Ty announces that Dawn knows everything.
      • And now he's destroyed the stick of Yggradsil...
      • Still up for grabs on the how/why, but after he decides to try take Axl's claim as Odin there's no doubt he's drunk on power

The Frigg is going to be Anders' first real love
  • Because it would be suitably karmic to have Anders fall in genuine love for the first time in his life, and then have that woman turn out to be Frigg, the same way that Axl's first love Gaia became Idunn.
    • Olaf did say that the universe works in mysterious ways. And all the prophecies involving Gaia pointed to her becoming either Frygg or Papatuanuku. If Anders hadn't been so careless about using his powers while in Norway, the Godhunters would have never caught onto him, Natalie wouldn't have followed him back to Auckland and Helen wouldn't have died. Anders falling in love with a woman who turns out to be the Frygg would be the universe's way of 'punishing' him for upsetting two prophecies.

Dawn is going to die
Mike's power makes it so that Colin can't hurt anyone in his family. That doesn't extend to any mortals or other gods, however. So Colin takes his ultimate revenge on Ty by orchestrating Dawn's death. In a fit of pure rage and grief, Ty's Hodr powers go into overdrive and he accidentally kills Olaf, thus fulfilling the prophecy of Hod being tricked by Loki into killing Baldr, and starting up Ragnarok.

Martin, the man who keeps popping up in season three, is Forseti.
  • Forseti is the Norse god of justice, peace, truth and reconciliation. And all the actions Martin has taken this season - helping Axl and Thor reconcile with their pain and with those around them, and then bringing Ty and Dawn back together by them being completely open and honest - seem to flow with this.
    • If you look very carefully, you can see that he's also the one who let Gaia into Anders' apartment building that first night they had sex.
  • Jossed. Martin is Heimdall

Neither Axl nor Mike will be Odin
Anders will end up being him instead. The clue Axl found from Martin's Scrabble pieces reveals the names of Odin's two brothers who slept with Frygg while he was away. Since Ty has found happiness with Dawn, that leaves Mike and Anders. Plus, Odin is not only the All Father, he is also the god of the hunt and poetry.
  • Partially Jossed the tiles were spelling out where Frigg works, and were meant for Odin to find to lead him to her. They had nothing to do with Odin's (or Axl's) brothers. Your original point about neither of them being Odin could still stand though probably for a different reason than another character being revealed to be him.

If there's ever a fourth season, Gaia will come back
Obviously, the main plot will have to do with that ominous-looking red crystal Colin dropped where the Norn stone used to be. But another plot will be Gaia coming back. And she'll have a baby with her...Anders' baby, that Axl saw in his vision of Anders and Gaia playing happy families. Assuming the spirit of Idunn left Gaia as well, she's still the daughter of a Maori deity, which means she'll remember everything that's happened.

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