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Heartwarming / The Almighty Johnsons

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Season 1

Episode 5
  • Anders, Axel and Olaf's group hug.

Season 3

  • The amazing dignity of Thor when he shows up at the gay couple's wedding in his deceased wife's dress. Not knowing the story, one snarks "Love the dress!" Without hesitation or embarrassment Thor returns, "I hope you mean that." cue look of being utterly taken aback "It's very special to me." That he doesn't explain right away makes it somehow even better.

Episode 12

  • Ingrid and Stacy hugging Michele when they realize she's dying. And her letting them.

Episode 13

  • The only thing keeping Michele alive is Frigg in Hannah, so she'll die once the ceremony is complete. Axl promises that the first thing he'll do as Odin is bring her back to life. Not a minute after Michele dies, she wakes back up.

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