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Heartwarming / Almost Human

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Episode 2 - Skin

  • During the deactivation of Vanessa, a sexbot. Dorian quotes John from an early conversation, telling her that she will being going to a 'better place' and that he will 'remember her'. She smiles at him the entire time.

Episode 3 - Are You Receiving?

  • After both detectives complete their mission, John quips back to an earlier moment they had in the car were he tricked Dorian into heating up his coffee.
    Dorian: Thank you, for what you did back there.
    John: Don't mention it. Besides, no one messes with my coffee warmer.
  • When Dorian expresses his fear of death, John doesn't dismiss it. Dorian is obviously touched by this. Compare this to the fact that John pushed his MX partner out of a moving car onto the highway without a second thought.
    • Dorian is touched; but this extends back to before the fight. John had actually expressed concern for Dorian going in alone, both knowing there’s a high chance Dorian could be damaged beyond repair. Dorian rationalizes it with “You can’t [come with me]. It’s what I was designed to do.” At first, it seems like they’re talking about how Dorian gets up (climbing several stories up the elevator shaft, among other things). Only later when you see Dorian jumping in front of the bullets and even crawling towards his gun, do you realize what he meant e.g he was meant to be a combat robot who could die so his human partner could live.

Episode 5 - Blood Brothers

  • Dorian manages to recover some items from Maya's house that weren't totally burned down, and after he gives them to her she is able to reconnect to her parents.
  • After the villain of the week taunting Moldanado with how she is old, under ranked and alone, when the case is over the persecutor shyly tells her how nice she looks today. Her smile says it all.
  • A quick moment, but touching nonetheless; Rudy calling Dorian 'my friend.' After Dorian is shut down by John for using the same term in a previous episode, it's heartwarming to see Rudy, at least, not treat him any differently.
    • Strangely, this is made more touching because it happens in a casual conversation; no attention is brought to it, and Rudy doesn't even realize he's said it, but it shows that he considers Dorian his friend, and therefore no hesitation using it as a term of endearment, android or not.
    • Rudy may not have realized he said it, but Dorian sure seemed to, judging by the sudden cut back to him.

Episode 6 - Arrhythmia

  • Dorian comes face to face with another decommissioned DRN model who is now a maintenance worker. Dorian has a heart to heart with John who is a bit irritated to take this other DRN for a ride along.
    Dorian: When I was decommissioned, the second before it happened, I just kept thinking... “I really hope there's someone there to wake me up again.” — And then... you woke me up. It was you. You were that person for me, John.
    John: Well, we all make mistakes.
    The request is granted.
  • At the end of the episode there's a sad moment when the DRN has to be returned to the hospital and have his memory wiped. But Dorian lets him keep the memory of the little boy whose life he saved when he was a cop.

Episode 8 - You Are Here

  • The dialog between Valerie Stahl and John Kennex. The ease with which they tease each other is amusing as well as heartwarming.

Episode 9 - Unbound

  • Dorian's reunion with his creator.
  • Kennex and Dorian actually share a moment as partners after they manage to take down Danica together.
  • At the end, after Dorian expresses his fear that he might end up becoming a psycho like Danica, Kennex reassures him that he's not the same as her.

Episode 11 - Disrupt

  • Stahl manages to find out that Aaron actually had numerous online friends who all collaborated to commemorate his life and passing.

Episode 12 - Beholder

  • Throughout the episodes Dorian awkwardly attempts to compliment John by listing his flaws. While it is taken the wrong way, Dorian meant well.
    Dorian: They say that the more flaws you have the more human you are. Have I told you how very human you are lately?
  • Despite his rough exterior, Detective Kennex is very old fashioned when it comes to connecting with people and romance, even his robot is discontinued.
  • For however brief it was, Judy and Eric connected.
    Judy Wood: I don't care about your face, or-or what you look like. I just... I'm so happy that we found each other.
Episode 13 - Straw Man
  • Dorian passes his review with flying colors because of the, quote, "glowing references" from all his co-workers, especially Detective Kennex, who apparently told the board that Dorian is the reason he still wants to be a cop.
  • Detective Paul giving the homeless guy extra cash. His act of kindness probably ended up saving the guy's life, too.
  • In the future when you're listed as a missing person they send out robots that do not stop until they find you it's bittersweet that the technology to fake the death is becoming more and more common place. mixing a bit with tearjerker.
  • Dorian gives John a souped-up replacement leg as a thank you gift for what he said at the review. John accepts it awkwardly but is visibly touched by this.