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  • Hikari is from another timeline in which she won the auditions but something happened to Karen, and is using her wish to take part in the auditions of a different timeline in order to save her.
    • This post basically lays it all out. I'd also like to point out there's many possible explanations as to why Hikari's cloak is blue while the rest of the girls have red cloaks... one of which is it would make sense if she had come from a slightly different timeline.
    • This would also explain why she's able to enter Nana's looping timeline in the first place- they both won, so their wishes are both in effect.
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    • Hikari is a Time Lord. (who else would you send to break a Stable Time Loop?)
    • Jossed. Episode 8 explains that Hikari lost in a round of auditions held in London before she came to Japan. The blue cape is likely to show that this is her second round of auditions, as she and the other British competitors wore red capes like the Seisho characters.

The whole series is a Secret Test of Character

Michiru will find out about Nana's time loops
and use the information to divide Seisho.
  • Jossed. Michiru has seemingly no interest in undermining Seisho.

Despite the alleged lack of protagonist in Play A, there will be a main character.
  • Aruru has gotten arguably the most focus out of any character in Arcana Arcadia. Her baggage receives attention at the ends of Acts 1-3 (in contrast, most characters only get the spotlight for one act) and are at the center of Act 4. She also receives an "I AM REBORN" animation, similar to Karen's, who was the anime's main character.
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  • Fool Yachiyo's Bond Level 15 Talk: "Isn't there a theory about the 'Fool' being the main character in a tarot card story? It's awesome, isn't it."

The rest of the Arcana Arcadia revue pairings
  • Act V's roster includes Tamao, Claudine, Hikari, and Mei Fan. Due to Starira's consistency with intraschool revues, the most popular predictions for Act V's revue pairs are Claudine vs. Hikari and Tamao vs. Mei Fan.
  • Act VI seems to feature Maya, Akira, and Yachiyo. They may participate in a three-person revue, similar to those in the second stageplay.
    • Jossed. Akira is, in fact, part of Act V.