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  • Actor Allusion: Rinmeikan's plot involves five of its students competing in the Auditions in an attempt to save their school's perfomance department from closing down due to a lack of students entering that program. Tamao Tomoe shares the same voice actress as Nijigasaki school idol Setsuna Yuki from Love Live! School idol festival ALL STARS, a spin-off from the Love Live! franchise, where two of its sister series in the main continuity involved both school idol groups competing in the titular contest to save their schools from shutting down. In a case of bitter irony for Tamao, and a first for the franchise, the threat of Setsuna's school being shut down in the game is non-existent unlike her predecessors.
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  • Actor-Shared Background: It's been established that Mahiru is a baton twirling champion, having won several competitions as a child. Her voice actress, Haruki Iwata, also competed in baton twirling competitions as a child and was even a champion in some of those competitions and still has an impressive dexterity with a baton to this day. Unsurprising as she's required to use them for the stage play. Furthermore, Mahiru also loves baseball, a trait she shares with Iwata.
  • Darkhorse Casting:
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  • Meaningful Release Date: The seventh chapter of Re LIVE's Main Story featured Maya being mysteriously erased from existence and from everyone's memories, and was released on June 1 for the Japanese server, which is Maho Tomita's (Maya's voice actress) birthday, and July 25, the day after Maya's actual birthday for the Worldwide server.
  • Name's the Same:
  • Real-Life Relative: In the English dub of the anime, the voice director and Maya's voice actress (Olivia Swasey) are father and daughter.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: Theater circles run small, and many cast members in Revue Starlight have appeared together in productions, if not always in roles which will interact with each other. Maho Tomita (Maya) especially, due to her long experience in the business and large number of roles under her belt, has had it happen so often that it is beyond the scope of this article to list every instance down. That said, One Degree of Separation still comes up many a time within the cast, with examples including but not limited to...
    • Love Live!: Suzuko Mimori (Hikari) voices Umi Sonoda of µ's; Aina Aiba (Claudine), Teru Ikuta (Futaba), and Hinata Satou (Junna) are known fans of the original series. In Love Live! Sunshine!!, Satou also voices Leah Kazuno of Saint Snow, and Asami Tano, who voices Leah's elder sister Sarah, is a good friend of Maho Tomita (Maya) as well as managed by the same agency as Satou and Moeka Koizumi (Nana). Tomori Kusunoki (Tamao) voices Setsuna Yuuki of the Nijigasaki School Idol Club and Moeka Koizumi voices Shioriko Mifune in Love Live! School idol festival ALL STARS.
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    • BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!: Ayasa Itou (Kaoruko) is Arisa of Poppin' Party; Emiri Katou (Tsukasa) is Himari of Afterglow; Aina Aiba (Claudine) and Haruka Kudou (Yachiyo) are Yukina and Sayo of Roselia; Reo Kurachi (Fumi) and Risa Tsumugi (Rui) are PAREO and CHU2 of RAISE A SUILEN; Suzuko Mimori (Hikari) and Mikoi Sasaki (Shizuha) are Yuri and Nanana of Glitter*Green. Meanwhile, though she isn't in any band, Yuka Ozaki (Michiru), is main character Kasumi's younger sister, Asuka Touyama. Further, tying in to the Love Live roles above, Saint Snow were inspired by the group A-RISE, whose leader Tsubasa is voiced by Aiba's and Kudou's bandmate Megu Sakuragawa.
    • Kemono Friends: Yuka Ozaki (Michiru) voices Serval. In the course of her adventures, Serval encounters Friends which have less prominent roles, such as Red Fox, voiced by Suzuko Mimori (Hikari). PPP's Royal Penguin is voiced by Mikoi Sasaki (Shizuha), and Rockhopper Penguin is voiced by Aina Aiba (Claudine). Moeka Koizumi (Nana) has been announced to voice Tasmanian Devil in the upcoming Kemono Friends 3.
    • Sera Myu: Momoyo Koyama (Karen) and Kanon Nanaki (Koharu) were costars in the 2014 and 2015 musicals as Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars. Also, Hotaru Nomoto (Akira) and Yume Takeuchi (Mei Fan) first met when they were cast as Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury in the 2016 and 2017 musicals.
  • Release Date Change: The film Rondo Rondo Rondo became one of many, many works to be delayed by the COVID-19 Pandemic, having been originally scheduled for May 29th, 2020 before being pushed back to August 7th.
  • Playing Gertrude: Yuka Kobayashi was 34 when she played the 40-year-old Yakumo-sensei in #2 Transition, just slightly older than her on-stage student Minami Tsukui, who was 30 going on 31 and playing high-schooler Suzu Minase. For comparison, Seishou's Souda-sensei, whom Yakumo went to school with and would not have been older than her by more than 2 to 3 years, was played by 44-year-old Hekiru Shiina.
    • On the other hand, the members of the real-life Starlight Kukugumi have a broad range of ages between them. Suzuko Mimori, the eldest member, turned 33 in 2019, making her twice the age of her character. The one closest in age to her character is Hinata Sato, who graduated high school at around the time she was cast and is currently balancing her work in showbiz with schoolwork in college.
  • Voiced Differently in the Dub: Maggie Flecknoe uses a deeper voice for Mahiru compared to Haruki Iwata's higher, breathy one.
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