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Moa was inspired by Pinkie Pie
The reason is obvious.

Berry is inspired by Senketsu
Well, he's a snarky, comically serious Animate Inanimate Object.

Crow is adopted.
It doesn't make sense that a family of hedgehogs would be dairy farmers, because milk is unhealthy for them. However if his parents were cow myumon, it'd make more sense.

someone will have the idea of crossing this with Littlest Pet Shop (2012)
based entirely on how similar the myumons and the pets are.

The 23rd in-game band will be an original band.
  • Confirmed as BUD VIRGIN LOGIC is an original band.

BUD VIRGIN LOGIC will be featured in the anime.
First of all, unlike most in-game bands, BVL isn't based off an actual one. In fact, it's one of the only original bands. The other original bands are the main ones in the anime such as Plasmagica, Criticrista, Trichronika, Shingancrimsonz... So it shouldn't be a big surprise if BVL popped up somewhere in the sequel. Also, note how Aileen, the vocalist, has a hairpin that resembles Dagger Morse. This can lead to tons of theories: Maybe they work together with him, maybe they are his successors and so on. But there's something even more notable about Aileen's appearance, which leads to the option below.
  • Confirmed in the teaser and trailer.

Aileen and Aion are related.
Let's face it, Aion has the least character development out of all Shingancrimsonz members. This could give Sanrio the opportunity to play a little with his backstory, giving him a sibling (or any kind of relative). Except for the fact that they've almost identical names (アイオーン and アイレーン) and a very similar appearance, Show By Rock!! is praised for the great variety of character and their unique designs. It would be the first time the creators got that lazy with making a new character, considering her Myumon form looks pretty much like his genderbend. There's also the fact that their personality seems to be sort of matching. With their way classy way of speech, for example. After the release of the anime, Shingancrimsonz' popularity skyrocketed. In Sanrio's popularity poll, they ended up as no.1, which means they didn't only beat the other SB 69 bands, but also a ton of famous Sanrio characters such as Hello Kitty. Adding a relative of one of the members of Shingan, preferably as the antagonist, gives an opportunity to put them in the spotlights, instead of Plasmagica. Maybe they're going for a season 2 where they get more and eventually a bigger role than Cyan and her squad?
  • In the first episode of the second season, Shingancrimsonz are the only ones who fail to see BVL. This could mean the creators are trying to postpone a meeting between Aion and Aileen.
  • In episode 6, however, is everyone (including Aion) looking at the screen when Dagger introduces Airen. Okay. There was a shadow casted over her face, but it's still weird you wouldn't recognize your own sibling. This can mean three things: a) They're not related, and this theory can be tossed, b) Aion is just being himself, I mean, after all, he wasn't able to recognize black-haired Shuu either or c) It's just this typical anime/cartoon/movie logic that by a mask, or a shadow over your face, you become anonymous.
  • Or d) they are related but don't know it. Handorekko, was developed to be Aireen childhood playmate. So this means she lived a lone childhood. Maybe they were split up when they were still really young?
  • Theory c got confirmed in episode 10. When her face was clearly shown on tv he immediately recognized her. Aileen is Aion's little sister. They both come from a rich family. Aion was supposed to become the new head of the family, but because of his passion for music he got kicked out. Aileen was still pretty young when it happened, which is why Hundrekko and Peipain weren't around yet.

BVL will be antagonists.
After all Airen seems to be related to Dagger and Cri Cri is defeated.
  • Pretty much confirmed in the trailer.
  • Confirmed in episode 1 of the second season. BVL works together with Dagger Morse. Nijinriot even explains Airen, could be the Dark Queen, who will be the one that destroys the planet.

Just like BVL will be Shingan's rival, ARCAREAFACT will serve as Trichronika's rivals.
ARCAREAFACT doesn't want to be seen as idols, but as artists, while Shu-zo is remarkably idol-ish. They're under the same record label as well.
  • And what if they're antagonists? The fact that their lead singer is a Unicorn could refer to Unicorn Virtual Music Inc. perhaps?
  • Most likely tossed. As for now, it seems like BVL is Plasmagica's rival and ACAREAFACTS Shingancrimsonz' theirs.
    • Not tossed in game, BUD VIRIGIN LOGIC is Shingan's rival, and ARCAREAFACT is Trichronika's rival.

The second season will feature Shingancrimsonz as main characters instead of Plasmagica.
Continuing the idea of Shingancrimsonz' rivals getting introduced, it's pretty likely that they'll get even more screen-time. With a ridiculous popularity at the moment (as I said, they beat Hello Kitty in a popularity poll, freaking Hello Kitty) it wouldn't be such a bad idea to 'please the audience' by making their faves appear a little more in the series. Also, after the date for the anime was announced, a PV was released, featuring only Shingancrimsonz moments.
  • Going off of this, Plasmagica will get the same amount of screen time in season 2 as Shingancrimsonz got in season 1.

Season two will be Plasmagica vs. Bud Virgin Logic and Shingancrimsonz vs. ARCAREAFACT.
Especially given that Shingancrimsonz and ARCAREAFACT have something of a battle in one of the game stories, and Plasmagica shows up in one of BVL's stories.
  • Pretty much confirmed in episode 5.

In-game characters will be featured in the second season.
Ninjinriot popped up in a teaser, so that made me hope we'd see some more in-game bands?
  • The public is still a bunch of Macaron Pig's just like the first season.
  • Shinimonogurui seems to make their comeback in episode 3 as well.
  • And we had the Pool episode, Dolli Dulci, Shizuka Secret Mind and Studdo Ban Gyashu.
  • Shingancrimsonz had to work together with Baiganba V too.
  • Seems to be confirmed. Gaugastrikes makes an appearance as well.

The Dark Queen is not Airen.
She looks more like Hundreko in my opinion. Or maybe she's a hybrid of the three members, somehow?
  • Confirmed in episode 10, ACAREAFACT's manager, Victorious, is.

The Dark Queen is ARCAREAFACT's manager.
Confirmed in episode 10, where she reveals herself as Victorious, better known as the Dark Queen.

Fujiraid would have been a kirin if it weren't for Peipain's existence.
Tekebakitsu Shou consists of a kappa, a tengu, a flame spirit, and an
okapi, noticeably the only real animal of the bunch. However, Fujiraid has the most obvious magical powers out of anyone in the series, which seems like it should suit a more distinguished creature. It would have made a lot more sense for Fujiraid to have been a kirin, as it would have suited the band's motif and his magic better. Since Tekebakitsu Shou were introduced between seasons 1 and 2 of the anime, the time they were designed may have overlapped with Bud Virgin Logic's; it's possible that, wanting to make Peipain seem more rare and unique, Sanrio switched courses with Fujiraid and made him the next-closest bizarre-half-giraffe-looking creature they could think of: an okapi.

Yokazenohorizon will make their debut in a new season of the anime
Seeing as they are a new original band, it is not out of the question...

Show By Rock will get a movie
First an anime, then manga...One can hope...