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The movie takes place in the same universe of a Robot Chicken sketch
.Specifically, this one. Due to Harrison Ford and Aerosmith failing to destroy the asteroid (along with the second shuttle sent after them, full of all the scientists), the Earth is doomed.

This movie takes place in the same universe as The Watch
The "Astorid" was in fact the first alien fleet, it disguied itself as an Astorid, and set up the optical illusion that the world was ending. By the time Matilda hit, after an hour or so of silence, everyone wonders what happened. They soon come to the conclusion the astorid was a dud. The Watch takes place a few years after this movie, when the aliens are done studying their enviroment, that's when "phase one" of the invasion begins.
  • That makes the least amount of sense.
  • Seriously; what part of "the end" didn't get through?

Was it all just a dream?

It could be a dream that Dodge had. Penny could be a symbolic representation of his high school love who got away. Besides, receiving updates about the end of the world and all of a sudden a Beach Boys song is playing? It's way more likely that something sad or "apocaliptically" epic (i.e. Wagner's Siegfried's Funeral March) would be playing.

  • Soundtrack Dissonance. Besides which, the (literal) End of the World is about to pass; that's depressing enough by itself without gilding the lily by playing funeral marches all the time on top of it. Chances are the DJs want to spend their last few weeks playing the songs they love or at least cheering themselves and their listeners up a bit; no one's going to forget if they play the Beach Boys but it might give someone out there a couple of minutes of happiness before the inevitable strikes.
    • Fair enough.

Aliens sent the asteroid to destroy humanity
The asteroid arrived to hit the Earth a week ahead of predictions. It is simple math to calculate the time of arrival based upon the asteroid's speed, and there is no way the scientists could have been that far off. Therefore, it must have accelerated. There is no way an asteroid could accelerate unless acted upon by an outside force. And if it accelerated, then it would miss the Earth unless it took a different path, which also suggests outside interference. Consider also the mysterious fire destroying the space shuttle that was sent to divert the asteroid. The likely inference is that aliens sent the asteroid, probably to destroy humanity before they could reach the stars.
  • And the only reason they'd accelerate it is if humans somehow found a way to stop the asteroid at the last minute.

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