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The series will explore the pasts of all the Mane Six(and Spike)as the series goes on.
Unlike most Abridged Series, the personalities of the mane characters in Scootertrix, are not obvious from the get go. Even fourteen episodes in, there is still not much known about them and have a lot of mystery.

But in episode fourteen, we were finally shown the origin story of one of them: Rarity. Plus, even though its not much, we have still been given subtle hints that that seem like one off jokes, but are likely more: Applejack's delusion that she runs a mango farm, Spike being from the Bad Lands, etc. And unlike most Abridge Series, this one has an story arch, which itself still has a lot of mystery.


Twilight's character arc will involve coming to terms with the fundamental absurdity of the show and Celestia's flaws.
The story arc between Twilight, Applejack, and Rarity up to episode 8 is a microcosm of Twilight's overall character arc. After a brief period of initial bafflement, Twilight does her best to just ignore the others' eccentricities. But when the others keep shoving those eccentricities in Twi's face, she loses her temper and snaps at them. Then in episode 8, in response to AJ calling her out, Twi accepts that there's nothing wrong with her friends being weird, and she apologizes for being so judgmental.

Now compare that to how Spike keeps asking questions about the contradictions in pony society and arguing with Twilight over how good Celestia is. Spike never dwells on any one point longer than a single scene, so they don't really affect Twilight that much. Basically, Twilight's still in the "If I ignore it, it will go away" reaction phase—constantly using "It's magic, that's all we need to know," to avoid thinking too hard about these issues. (Although episode 15, where Twi discovers Spike's hate mail and gets so angry she refuses to talk to him, may be the start of the "losing her temper" reaction phase.) So, eventually Twi is going to accept that Spike is right—that Equestria is a weird, contradictory place—and make peace with the absurdity.


Fluttershy is always scared of everything because she has lived her whole life in Cloudsdale
Not much to say here. Fluttershy states twice that Cloudsdale is the safest place in Equestria and episode 16 showed she is much calmer and even more assertive, while at home. Though she may be a Lovable Coward in general, the reason she is scared of everything on the ground is she has only recently moved to land, from Cloudsdale and isn't use to anything on land.

Adding to the above all Pegasus Ponies used to living in the air experience mental problems, while on the ground
The same episode revealed that Rainbow Dash's Cloud Cuckoo Lander tendencies are because her body isn't used to the thicker atmosphere, which does a number on her mental capacity. Who is to say this isn't the case for all Pegasi.

By the end of season 1, almost the entirety of the episodes will be created with vectors by the series' animators.
While not entirely guaranteed, the increase is noticeable in each episode. Considering the focus now on the war plot, which must advance naturally in the background until the season 2 finale and season 3 premiere. So that leaves the question of what will happen in the rest of season 1. Considering its finale is The Grand Galloping Gala... I think something will go very wrong here.

Celestia has watched My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, and that's why she's such a troll.
Celestia and Luna definitely know about other abridged series, since they were arguing over who was the worst abridged series director in episode 9. So Celly being familiar with the original canon isn't much of a stretch. Not to mention her quoting a line from the original series ("That's an Academy record!") in Royal Correspondence.

So Celestia's familiarity with Friendship Is Magic also gives her vague foreknowledge of her own universe. And that foreknowledge tells her that the mane six are going to solve every crisis for her. In that other universe, she's seen Twilight and her friends defeat Nightmare Moon, drive away the dragon from Bald Mountain, drive the parasprites out of Ponyville, defeat Discord when he escaped, etc. So why fix what isn't broken? When those same problems pop up in her own universe, Celestia throws the mane six at them and waits for everything to work out. And all that waiting leaves her bored, so she passes the time by screwing with Luna—who hasn't seen Friendship Is Magic, and therefore doesn't know the future like Celly does.


But then Sombra and Chrysalis show up and throw a wrench in her plans. Celestia knows from Friendship Is Magic that neither of them are "supposed" to attack until later. Their appearance now signals that her universe is going off the rails, and it invalidates everything she knows about how they're "supposed" to get defeated. There's a distinct chance that they'll actually win. Hence why Celestia takes Sombra and Chrysalis so seriously, in contrast to the other threats against Equestria.

(The one event that doesn't quite fit into this is episode 4. The cow curse on Ponyville isn't foreshadowed by Friendship Is Magic, yet Celestia still reacts to it with her usual nonchalance. My best explanation is that, since Sombra hasn't made his reappearance yet, Celly doesn't realize it's possible for her universe to deviate so severely from Friendship Is Magic. So, upon hearing of the cow curse, she analogizes it to the events of "Applebuck Season"—and since the mane six worked everything out by themselves in "Applebuck Season", clearly they'll fix the cow curse themselves, too. In this case, Celly is Right for the Wrong Reasons.)

So, about Derpy's rivalry with The Bird...
While "The Bird's Arch-Nemesis" was Derpy's speaking debut, it was hardly her first on-screen appearance. She shows up in the background of many earlier episodes—yet, oddly enough, she shows no animosity towards The Bird, even when The Bird brushes right past her. How do we reconcile this apparent change? There are many possible explanations:
  • In the early episodes, that was actually Ditzy, Derpy's identical twin sister. And Ditzy has no beef with The Bird.
  • Derpy has multiple personalities. The early episodes were her Ditzy persona, who again has no animosity towards The Bird.
  • Derpy has really bad eyesight, and simply didn't recognize The Bird for nineteen episodes.
  • Or giving her a speaking role for a change, might've changed her personality do to the influence of her voice actor.

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