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  • Development Gag: One of the airships in episode 25 is named Korra's Matriarch—referencing how Getschman tried to make an abridged series about The Legend of Korra, then repurposed his version of Korra's mom (particularly her odd voice and obsession with spaghetti noodles) as Rarity in this series.
  • Fandom Nod: After the season 2 finale, it was a common joke in the MLPFIM fandom that copy-and-pasted background ponies in crowd scenes were really changeling infiltrators. Episode 20 confirms this actually happened in Scootertrix continuity.
  • Old Shame:
    • One of AtomicCatacomb's first contributions to the show was animating Rarity's transformation in episode 14. Several times since, AC has said that he's really embarrassed at how the effect came out, and wishes he could redo it now that he knows more about animation.
    • Getschman and Zimbauer's first attempt at an MLP abridged series was "Bean Quest", which abridged "Swarm of the Century" and copied Friendship is Witchcraft quite a bit. They took it down a few months later, "for obvious reasons", and only reuploaded it in 2017 as an April Fools' Day joke.
  • Playing Against Type: Episode 21 features Josh Scorcher as the guest voice for Harper—a changeling who spouts a lot of anti-Celestia rhetoric. In the comments below, a few fans noted how strange it was to hear Josh bashing Celestia, and Josh himself confirmed:
    joshscorcher: Let the records show that it was physically painful for me to hate on best Princess... Still fun to record tho.
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  • Schedule Slip: Episodes used to be released once a month, and on some occasions once per week. That changed when the series went on hiatus for nearly half a year after episode 18. For the return (in October 2017), the plan was another month with four episodes—but Getschmann got sick partway through, and the show had to go on another hiatus. Since his recovery, episodes are now being released once every few months.
  • Serendipity Writes the Plot: Some of The Editor's mistakes (misspelling "party" as "pary" in the copyright disclaimer, and the initial misspelling of DeviantArt in the end credits) were legitimate, unintentional errors on Team Scootertrix's part. Getschman noticed them after the fact and worked them into later episodes as plot points or punchlines.
  • Shrug of God: Getschman employs this a lot during livestreams and commentary on episodes. Aside from keeping tight-lipped about future plot points, he seems to genuinely not know any more than we do about various Noodle Incidents. He doesn't have any idea what Berry Punch was doing. He doesn't remember why he decided to rename Rainbow Dash as The Bird. And if asked to describe the plot of The Snack, he'll just repeat "The snack!" until people stop asking.
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  • "Take That!" Tit-for-Tat: Episode 9 featured an argument over who the worst MLP Abridged Series director is. When Ultra Fast Pony creator Wacarb comes up in the argument, Celestia responds, "Who the hell is Wacarb?" UFP shot back in "On Your Mark", where the topic of performing tricks on a scooter comes up: "But there are no good scooter tricks!" "Yeah, Scootertrix sucks!" Then Scootertrix episode 24 featured a Lame Comeback: "Ultra Fast? More like Ultra... not Fast." (It's all for laughs, because both of them are fans of the other's work in Real Life.)
  • Talking to Himself: And how! Every member of the Mane Six, and Spike, and Celestia, are voiced by the same guy - which is really impressive given the complexity of the dialogue when several characters are talking. In fact, Getschman is the sole voice credit for the first episode. After that, a few more voice actors are brought on board, including an actual female voice for Luna. The majority of characters are still Getschman's, though.
  • Troubled Production: Episode 23 (the parody of "The Cutie Mark Chronicles") in Getschman's words, "took about 1 year and 2 months to make, cost around $230, and has been by far the most difficult episode to work on." They went through three wildly different drafts of the script, and it took two-and-a-half months to find the guest voice actor for Granny Smith. In the commentary track, Getschman calls the episode "the bane of my existence."
  • Write Who You Know: Gilda was based on Erich Zimbauer's dad, who once walked in on Zimbauer and Getschman watching the season 2 premier, and had a lot of questions about how the heck a world of talking horses even worked.

  • Had a real-life case of Strange Minds Think Alike with Ultra Fast Pony.
    • "UFP 80: On Your Mark" (published 28 April, 2016):
    Apple Bloom: I don't know. You're always riding a scooter around. Show her some of your tricks!
    Scootaloo: <But there aren't any good scooter tricks!>
    Sweetie Belle: Yeah, Apple Bloom, scooter tricks sucks!
    • Scootertrix "Episode 18" (published 30 April, 2016):
    [Scootatloo performs a cool stunt on her scooter.]
    Apple Bloom: Whoa! Those are some insane... scooter tricks!

  • Other works: Jack Getschman created other videos before working with Erich Zimbauer on Scootertrix:

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