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The main characters are all Clan Malkavian vampires from Vampire: The Masquerade

...trying to escape from a lunatic asylum (and succeeding, at some indeterminate point in the story). The "Elf Tears" are human blood. Also, the "Weasel Emmisary" is a Clan Ventrue Camarilla vampire. Just because. This means the player character is Malkav/The Malkavian Madness Network.

They Are in The Matrix

This Explain the Super Powers


Team Sleuth and Mobster Kingpin are exiles.

Specifically, from Prospit. Presumably, they were part of the troll's session.

  • The Midnight Crew were:
    • SS - Karkat
    • CD - Sollux
    • DD - Aradia
    • HB - Tavros
  • In addition, from the Felt:
    • Snowman - Vriska (although she spends a lot of time talking to Terezi as well)
  • That leaves Gamzee, Terezi, Nepeta, Equius, Eridan, Feferi, and Kanaya for the trolls, and PS, AD, PI, HD, NB, MK, and MM for the exiles.

Problem Sleuth takes place in the future after Homestuck
  • The reason for all the ananchronisms is because the Prospitians only learned culture from what they could salvage from humanity's wreckages.
  • The people are literally white skinned, but have mutated/evolved into being less carapaces and more human like (light on science but cool to think)

Alternatively, Team Sleuth and Mobster Kingpin have already played Sburb
And completed it. The passive and active players have been pitted against each other.
  • In that case- ROLE SPECULATION!
  • (Assuming Team Sleuth are passive)
    • Problem Sleuth- Seer of Heart
    • Pickle Inspector- Rogue of Space
    • Ace Dick- Bard of Life
    • Monster Kingpin- Thief of Doom
  • (Assuming Team Sleuth are active)
    • Problem Sleuth- Knight of Heart
    • Pickle Inspector- Heir of Space
    • Ace Dick- Prince of Life
    • Monster Kingpin- Page of Doom

The Problem Sleuth universe is the very first universe in the Sburb-related chain of universes.
We know the universe was created by Godhead Pickle Inspector ordering the various Temporal Replicsimile Pickle Inspectors to spam-cast Temporal Replicsimile until they were elementary particles, making no mention to the Genesis Frog. The fabric of spacetime at least for the Imaginary Universe is also shown to be workable as fabric and reparable with no further problems via fan cord sewing Deus ex Machina, which seems unlikely for a frog judging by the exploded Bilious Slick. The Midnight Crew are the first incarnation of the Dersite agents, and various humans and Game of Life pieces and such became Prospitans.

Contrary to the above, Problem Sleuth (with minor variations) is a vital universal process once Bilious Slick unfolds at the end of s Sburb session.
Once the frog provides the basic process of spacetime to exist, at some point a Godhead Pickle Inspector or variant appears from Prospitan exiles' or the universe's inhabitants efforts, and later fills the universe with matter from the above Temporal Replicsimile part-pickles.
The reason the comic is (mostly) monochrome is because everything is made out of Part-Pickles, all of which are in the three primary colors, plus yellow.
The mixture of the primary colors results in various shades of black and white.
  • The colored parts of the comic are comprised of more of one kind of Part-Pickle.

Adding to the Homestuck theory, Problem Sleuth is a mind player.
When he uses sepulchritude, his color scheme is strikingly similar to that of the mind aspect.

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