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  • Still don't get why there are three A Ds. The recap isn't exactly clear, and the wiki doesn't have much.
    • One is the original, one is brought over from another timeline by his cheating, and one's the gender-flipped version created as a result of the Quest of Spirit.
      • Ah. Thanks.
  • Why does DMK get so emotional about the things happening to AD? Shouldn't he hate him?
    • AD's Life in Life is Tear Jerker , even for DMK
    • A Mobster king of the city, losing it all; MK had the same life AD did in Life, so watching bad stuff happen to him really spoke to him.
  • Just after throwing the magnetic-tape lasso out the window, PS unplugs said window in order to make the room dark. This apparently doesn't cut the tape; in fact, in this instance, and only this instance, the window appears to retain its spatial warping properties when unplugged.
  • If the material plane is composed of zillions of PI's imaginary selves, then why couldn't PI's imaginary body sustain itself in it?
  • Whore Island is messing me up. How come the Whores on Whore Island can freely travel between the imaginary world and reality? The first time we see them, they're sent over to Ace Dick's office, but later on we find out that Whore Island floats above the imaginary streets, so they shouldn't be able to come over in the first place and tie Ace Dick up.
    • Also, who owns the place? I thought it was Madame Murel, but there's a point in the story where MK insinuates that it's his.
      • The logical assumption is that Mobster Kingpin employs Madam Murel to run the joint.
    • If the map posted as a donation bonus is any indication, the front door of the Legitimate Establishment appears to be one of the connecting points between the real world and the imaginary world. Presumably they just walk around the island.
  • If PI's particles occupy every space in every time, then wouldn't the mass of the universe be expanding as the future Pickle Particles start existing?

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