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Fridge Brilliance

  • In Problem Sleuth, the offices are real. Imaginary things can't survive in the real versions of them, as we see when an imaginary Ace Dick enters one, and then when an imaginary Pickle Inspector does the same. Yet we later see that they are composed of imaginary part-Pickles. How can that be? Quantum weirdness. The part-Pickles exist on a scale where it's in effect.
  • Notice how every time Ace Dick does the Truffle Shuffle, you can see his underwear even though all he did was lift up his shirt? Ace Dick isn't wearing pants.
    • This ties in (slightly) to the fact that Problem Sleuth is supposed to be a video game, and Ace Dick is a gamer. Like most stereotypical gamers, he does not wear pants.
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  • When you refer to a pumpkin that's there, it disappears. When PS tries to interact with a pumpkin that isn't there, he pulls one out of Hammer Space no problem. This seems to mean that Nothing is the Innocuous Double of Pumpkins.

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