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Magenta works as a doctor at a hospital, or even founded her own hospital.
The ending text in the fourth game explicitly states that Magenta has done plenty of good things, and we even see her in a building with a red cross. Whether she founded her own hospital or simply has the job of a doctor, it would show that she's perfectly capable of saving lives, not just ruining them.
  • Likely Jossed, 5 says that she and Gray endured "through sickness" among other things, indicating that she was actually a patient at that hospital. I say "likely" because her being a doctor as an occupation besides this is still possible, it's just that her being at the hospital in that particular scene in 4 wasn't meant to indicate that.

Magenta got pregnant with Gray's daughter during their affair.
It resulted in a hasty Shotgun Wedding after Gray and Peach got divorced.

The father of Magenta's son isn't Gray—it's Blue.
In the online version of the third game, Magenta's son is colored blue. Granted, Magenta's husband and son are both colored blue in the first game, but that can be chalked up to Early-Installment Weirdness. Also, since Gray is colored, well, gray in the third game, if Magenta's son is supposed to be his, then the son ought to be gray, too, but he isn't. I'd be willing to accept that as an honest mistake by Keybol, because Magenta's son is gray-colored post-third game, except for two things: 1) One line of text in the fourth game reads, "They say history repeats itself," then the game shows Magenta's son getting into a situation that mirrors Blue's almost exactly. 2) Magenta's story in the third game starts with, "I was once a mistress, and always will be." If Magenta is meant to be entirely faithful to Gray, then why the "and always will be" part? Sure, it could be a reference to no one ever letting her live down the fact that she was in a relationship with Gray while he was with Peach, but Magenta still could've said something else to convey guilt or shame, like Gray does ("I was once a player, and this is my karma").

What could have happened is this: Some time after Gray and Magenta got married, Gray fell back into his womanizing habits. When Magenta found out, instead of divorcing him straightaway like Peach did, she turned to Blue for comfort. Blue had either fallen out of love with Peach and only remained with her out of pity or he'd been using her as a placeholder girlfriend the whole time, but either way, he and Magenta ended up having a one-night stand, which resulted in a son whom Magenta passed off as her husband's. Gray might have been suspicious that his second wife was cheating on him, and the fact that he was the one to drive her to that point could have been another reason for him to feel guilty enough to become an alcoholic. Peach, however, had no idea that anything was going on between Blue and Magenta.

"They say history repeats itself" isn't just referring to the nearly fatal car accident.
If Magenta's son had a run-in with a drunk driver like Blue did, then it's entirely possible that he's also had the same experiences as Blue. After he and his sister went their separate ways, he fell in love with his best friend, lost her to another guy, then got into a relationship with the other guy's ex-wife. Heck, the drunk driver could've been the other guy for all we know. If the above WMG is taken into account, then this could be an example of Generation Xerox.

During Pretentious Game 4, Magenta gets an illness that causes her to lose her hearing, whether temporarily or permanently.
At the end, when the kids come home, Magenta says that "[she] didn't know they were home because [she] didn't hear them. Because [she] can't hear anything." Pretty self-explanatory—she can't hear her children because she's gone deaf.