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Prey and Turok are set in the same universe
Look at all the similarities, native American heroes, strange alien worlds, portals jumping you between locations, strange guns, mythical abilities...

Hell even the Sequel Hook at the end of Prey ( going to another world where you have become a legend) kinda fit into this.

Duke Nukem Forever will tell the same story as Prey, from a different point of view
Evidence #1: several Prey monsters are very similar to Duke Nukem monsters
  • Hunters are reptilian humanoids with weak guns, like assault troopers
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  • Harvesters with jetpacks fly around and shoot rockets, like assault commanders
  • Hounds are monstruous bipedal beasts that scratch their enemies, like protector drones
  • Gasbags are tentacled flying creatures with multiple eyes, like octabrains
  • Mutates are former humans mutated by the aliens, like pigcops
  • Drones are flying robots that even share the same name with sentry drones

Evidence #2: some weapons in Prey are very similar to what we saw or read in several trailers and documents of Duke Nukem Forever

  • The launcher in Prey uses organic ammo, like the shrinker that was shown in the 2001 trailer of DNF
  • A weapon in Prey is a crab-like creature that is used by ripping off one of its legs and throwing the rest, just like Duke has been shown to do in the 2001 trailer of DNF
  • The leech gun in Prey can use freeze ammo, effectively becoming a freezethrower like the one Duke Nukem uses
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  • The 1997 preview of DNF in PC Gamer mentions boots that will "allow Duke to walk on metallic walls and ceilings", like the wallwalks allow Tommy to do in Prey
  • The leaked DNF world chart mentions a level based on changes in gravity, which have been massively present in Prey

Evidence #3: the two games are set in the same dates

  • According to the leaked world chart, the events in Duke Nukem Forever start on "Saturday, April 1". The last time April 1 fell on a Saturday was 2006, the year Prey was released and probably when its story takes place

This would also explain why Tommy is so reluctant to be a hero, even after he acquired the power to return to life at will. He is just thinking: "Why should I do this? Duke Nukem is gonna save the Earth like he always does, before I even try!"

The Keepers Of The Sphere Lied About Seeding The Earth With Life...

The beings Tommy is about to meet with are the ones who actually seed worlds with life and they seek to employ him in an effort to thwart similar poachers throughout the galaxy.

Aperture Science built The Sphere
  • It's just the sort of thing Cave Johnson would do. It was probably an offshoot of their shower curtain program, ya know, the one that resulted in a portal gun.

Tommy is a Human Alien
  • Fact #1: Tommy's grandfather calls the Land of the Ancients "the land of your fathers". If taken literally, it means that Tommy's ancestors lived in the Land of the Ancients.
  • Fact #2: the Land of the Ancients is a physical place located in another dimension. At one point during the game, portals from the Sphere open into the Land of the Ancients, which you then leave just by walking through one of those portals. Shortly afterwards, text on a screen makes a reference to "interdimensional portals". This proves that the Land of the Ancients is not just the Cherokee version of the afterlife, but a real, physical place.
  • Fact #3: Tommy has superpowers. One of them is being able to teleport at will to another dimension (clearly seen the first time Tommy reaches the Land of the Ancients: the cosmic tunnel appears around him before he hits the ground). The others are the ability to project an astral body, influence the physical world with it and resurrect at will whenever he gets killed.

If three evidences make a proof, then Tommy's ancestors were superpowered Human Aliens from another dimension, who originally lived in the Land of the Ancients, then, centuries ago, came to Earth and mingled with the resident Native American tribes, presumably living as shamans or medicine men and passing on their knowledge from one generation to the next. This, incidentally, would also explain how Tommy's grandfather knows that other people have been hiding among the Dark Ones "for centuries".

  • A corollary wild guess: Tommy's real nature will be revealed in Prey 2.
    • Now that Prey 2 has been cancelled, and the name Prey has been applied to a completely different game, it's time for a little Canon Welding: Tommy and his grandfather are Typhon: specifically, descendants of Typhon who came to Earth and mingled with Cherokee so long ago, they forgot they were Typhon, while their powers were reinterpreted in accord to pre-existing Cherokee mythology.
      • Tommy's ability to move to/from the Land of the Ancients could be an extreme form of Mimic Matter, which canonically causes the user and a duplicate of the mimicked object to swap universes. This, incidentally, would mean that when Tommy is in the Land of the Ancients, an inanimate object (maybe even as small as a grain of sand) has taken its place in the Sphere.
      • Tommy's ability to project an astral body, shoot spirit arrows and consume the souls of the fallen warriors can be explained as a combination of Phantom Genesis (the astral body), Kinetic Blast (the arrows) and Mindjack (which removes the essence of fallen Hunters from their resting place, just like it canonically removes the essence of the Typhon from possessed humans).
      • When the Land of the Ancients is attacked, Tommy's grandfather generates an energy shield: this could be a form of Backlash, which canonically creates a shield.
    • Additionally, it could be surmised that even Mother is a Typhon that never learned what it is, because she lacks empathy (like a Typhon) and she uses additional telepathic powers.