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Jesse and Tulip will eventually come back to the town of Salvation in a few decades.
It seemed like the implication when Jody was talking to Jesse about the magnetic pull of the town bringing people back. He'll at least bring Tulip by to meet his mother.
  • "Decades"? I had the impression that Salvation is the ultimate destination of Jesse and Tulip on their horseback ride.

Preacher is a bubble universe
It had to be contained in a bubble outside the "real" universe-which is why it is somewhat fucked up-due to the negative resonance feedback event (apocalypse) that would caused by the Saint having Enuff Dakka if they were released into the universe proper.

"God" is actually Lucifer.
Let's see. He introduces himself as "the lightbringer." The devil that the saint killed was clearly a demon, not a fallen angel. The devil was also an undereducated coward. "God" needs to be loved and created the devil simply as an unrealistic villain. "God" definitely displays the sin of pride. The universe he created actually doesn't make that much sense. An organization of religious zealots apparently control every government in the world. People may be weird in the real world, but no one is as messed up as some of the characters in a universe created by Lucifer. So Lucifer loves God, but God loves humanity. Lucifer rebels and is cast out of heaven. Lucifer then creates the universe in which Jesse lives and declares himself "God." It is similar in many respects to the original universe, but not exactly the same. And of course the sin just fits too perfectly.
  • He also calls himself the morning star. To be honest, I almost accept this as canon.
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  • Also God is an Eldritch Abomination, but Lucifer looks more like the traditional Grandpa God. Though knowing Garth Ennis, actual God will probably be far worse.
  • His words: "I was alone. I wanted to be loved." If he was alone in creation, wouldn't he want for company rather than love? The implication is that there already was other people, but he felt lonely because they didn't love him. That's some sneaky shit, Mr Ennis. . .time to reread.
  • How exactly did he get onto that throne then?
    • He crafted it using a stolen fragment. Also explains why even though he is the only one who can access the throne's power, he is unable to keep that power while away from it.

The whole series is just the insane delusions of Jesse.
My theory is that he snapped when his church collapsed and he imagined the whole thing.

God is responsible for Her Starr's scarring as child.
Setting up horrible events to create a plausibly deniable agent on Earth is what He did with the Saint of Killers, and we're also shown that the Grail organization has the angels worried about a premature armageddon. Starr derailing the Grail is quite useful, and he's also conveniently there to become obsessed with Genesis's human host.

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