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Tulip: The way I hear it, there's two good places you can look for god: in church, or at the bottom of a bottle.
Jesse: Maybe I'll go find a liquor store then... 'Cause lemme tell you: It sure as hell ain't the church
Preacher #1, "The Time of the Preacher"

It's his voice that gets me... That crawling, grinding whisper... spitting hell and ghosts and cobwebs in your ear...
Jesse Custer, Preacher #1, "The Time of the Preacher"

Sheriff Root: Then there's this blur an' the fucker's shootin'.
Police Chief: So he drew on you?
Root: Ain't what I said. A blur an' then shootin'. I didn't know no draw.
Preacher #2, "And Hell Followed With Him"

Them eyes've stared down the devil. The bastards goes by the name The Saint of Killers. He's got a soul so damn cold an' rattlesnake-mean, Satan himself threw him back outta hell.
"The Duke", Preacher #2, "And Hell Followed With Him"

I will have vengeance on Jesse Custer! Vengeance for the blood of my father! And if I have a face like an arse — so be it! I will become arseface!
"Arseface", Preacher #4, "Standing Tall"

I guess I ought to introduce myself: My name is Detective John Tool. I was born with a kick me sign on my ass. Only one testicle. And one long run of bummers dating back to the first grade. I'm the unluckiest cop in the world. Dirty Harry's partners have nothing on me.
John Tool, Preacher #5, "Say A Prayer for Five Bullets"


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