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Nightmare Fuel / Preacher

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  • Eisenstein's interrogation of a crippled witness, riding on painkillers.
    Eisenstein: A Spetsnaz unit was invited on a N.A.T.O special forces exercise in northern Norway. But the weather closed in faster than expected. The team was cut off. In their patronizing way, the Western military believed they had a lot to teach the Russians. They thought in terms of method... when in fact it was a matter of philosophy. Don't look round. It was forty degrees below zero. The four-man unit stumbled on an elderly couple stranded in their mountain cabin. They had food in their larder for another week. The blizzard lasted two. You can look now.
  • Jesse's attempt to directly confront God and make Him answer for abandoning creation does not go well.
  • The Saint of Killer's realization of the time he rode in the open at night when he was a man, and would get the feeling he was being watched by someone beckoning him to come closer; revealed to be the very thing he has become.
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  • All of Cassidy's physical gifts, his heroism against all sorts of evil and time and time again he ends up becoming a pill-popping sex addict. And a rapist.
  • Jesse's grandmother and her minions. In particular, how much joy she takes in how broken he looks after they kill Tulip. It's also just uneasy seeing him so broken considering his normal confident (if a bit careless) self.
    • Something that makes it even worse? Jessie's grandmother does have doubts about all the awful things she has done, but GOD tells her she has done right!
  • Three simple words: God Is Evil. Not some fantasy expy, not some overhyped space monster, the God YOU are familiar with, the Judeo-Christian God you were always told was good, and all the bad things that happen were for a good reason. And He's not even evil for a higher purpose, He's evil for the same reason we are - because He's a neurotic, selfish asshole who only cares about Himself. We ARE made in His image, and that isn't a good thing.

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