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WMG / My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic S6 E26 "To Where and Back Again Part 2"

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Thorax will overthrow Chrysalis and take her place as the Changeling's leader.

Seems like a logical finale to his character arc. Possibly with Chrysalis losing her Queen status and power to him.

  • Confirmed. This is exactly what happened.

Chrysalis will meet her end or be permanently defeated in some way.
Chrysalis seems to be one of the few genuinely evil villains in the series, so her being one of the ones to suffer a permanent fate of some kind makes sense, especially if the above theory of Chrysalis being overthrown is true.

Chrysalis and the Changelings will be revealed to have links to the Hearts and Hooves Day story.
The comics have their own version of their origins...but they're not mutually exclusive.

Trixie's Stage Magic skills will be important to saving the day.
The changelings have captured the most powerful magic users in Equestria, along with their friends. They've probably gained enough power to overpower Starlight, and possibly even Discord if they're organized enough. Thorax could shapeshift to hide his new wings, but since he's not up to date with the changelings' plans he'd probably be found out. However, chances are the changelings are not prepared to deal with Trixie's trickery and sleight of hoof. She'll likely be able to confuse them enough to create an opening for the others.
  • Kind of. When the group is being pursued by changeling guards, it's Trixie's smoke bombs and skill at misdirection that allow the group to lose them.

Thorax was a royal-caste changeling all along.
He's the only drone who has a teal carapace. He's been raised believing he was an ordinary drone due to Chrysalis not wanting a rival to her leadership of the hive and depriving him of the love he needs to undergo royal metamorphosis. Now that he lives in the Crystal Empire, he has more than enough love, and the unexplained new appearance of his wings is a sign that he's about to metamorphose.
  • Played with: it's unclear if he always was one, but he does transform into a Changeling Royal and become the new Changeling King.

A changeling (most likely Chrysalis) will try and play mind games on Starlight Glimmer.
We've seen before how Starlight Glimmer is still haunted by her previous actions, and filled with doubts over her abilities. Queen Chrysalis will probably seize on that weakness, and transform into Starlight's old self to cause her even more doubt and despair.
  • Discord, of all people... er, draconequi, wound up being the victim.

Discord will punish Chrysalis in the end.
Discord is extremely vindictive, it's part of his character. Fluttershy being kidnapped seriously enraged him. If the heroes don't punish her, it'd make sense for Discord to.
  • Jossed, at least as far as this episode goes; Chrysalis escapes, and Discord is just happy to be reunited with Fluttershy. It doesn't discount the possibility of Discord and Chrysalis locking horns in the future, though.

Chrysalis will return and try to get her revenge, but will instead reform just like Starlight Glimmer.
Last season, we saw Starlight Glimmer, the antagonist for both the season's opening and closing two-parters, reform when Twilight gave her the chance to do so. Chrysalis' defeat in this episode is nearly a parallel to that of Starlight in her first appearance. Like Starlight, she lost control over her people, and flees when she refuses the protagonist's offer of friendship. That said, it's likely that Chrysalis will return again, and will end up pulling a Heel–Face Turn akin to Starlight's, if not right away. Thorax and Celestia will then pardon her, and she will start working to regain her position as Queen. And when she does become Queen again, she will rule alongside Thorax. She will also get a new appearance to symbolize her transformation from bad to good. There will also be some kind of buildup to her return, perhaps with little cameos of her stalking her enemies before she fully reveals herself again.
  • Alternatively, if she doesn't become the Queen again, Chrysalis could work her way up to a high-ranking position in the new Changeling kingdom, perhaps acting as an ambassador for the hive or Thorax's second-in-command.
  • This endgame is likely because the whole point of Chrysalis's rule was to dupe her people into thinking they needed to feed off of love to survive, when the reality was the opposite. Her people now know that it's all been a facade so there's no reason for her to prop up the lie any longer, only her own denial. If she comes into contact with the Changelings again, she'll likely see the futility of continuing to live the lie and the benefit that could come from accepting the truth.

Chrysalis captured the Mane Six and the other royalty by tricking them to come to her kingdom by making them think she wanted to make peace with the Ponies.
She lied that Thorax had reformed everyone including herself and invited everyone to her kingdom to begin peace negotiations.

When Chrysalis returns, she'll start a civil war.
While Thorax is now the new ruler of the Changelings, it's likely that not all of them are willing to abandon their old way of life under Chrysalis. As a result, they'll most likely seek out Chrysalis and plan a rebellion against Thorax, aiding Chrysalis in her plan for revenge.
  • Alternatively, Chrysalis may still have the ability to lay eggs. If she does, then she will breed a new army of changelings and then declare war on her old hive.

Chrysalis will be Reformed, but Not Tamed.
Her new colors will reflect this shift; perhaps indigo and purple, which are brighter than her old shade but darker than those of Thorax and the other Changelings.

Future difficulties in Cross-cultural Interaction.
One of the greatest challenges that Celestia, Luna, Cadance, Twilight Sparkle, and Thorax will now face is Culture Shock between Equestria and the Changeling Kingdom. Many of the Changelings in the Changeling Kingdom have never done much to see, learn, or interact with the outside world and most of the ponies of Equestria will be reluctant to make friends with the Changelings even when Celestia insists that they've changed for the better. The citizens of Canterlot will most likely be the least willing to give up their xenophobic fears that all Changelings are dangerous which could potentially incite civil unrest if Celestia were to welcome a Goodwill Tour led by Thorax into Canterlot.

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