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Trivia / My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic S6 E26 "To Where and Back Again Part 2"

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  • Blooper: Discord is missing his backpack in a few shots, and it's back in the next scene.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • On Derpibooru, pictures and screenshots with the reformed changelings have the new tag of "changedling".
    • "Moose Beetle" is one of the new names given to King Thorax for his mandible antlers which many are agreeing is a bit excessive for his new design. "Stag Beetle Horse" is another name as he looks like a deer and a stag beetle which is actually very fitting as the name Stag Beetle was derived from the large mandibles of the male beetle which resembles the antlers of a stag (male deer).
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    • Fans have taken to calling Starlight's Team "The Suicide Squad" since they're not exactly hero material and are, more or less by Equestrian standards of social image, ex-criminals.
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  • Short Run in Peru: The episode debuted in the UK on 7th October 2016, weeks before its US premiere.
  • Word of God: "To Where and Back Again" is the first season finale to not include a musical number. According to Jim Miller, this is because "there was no room due to the scope of the story."


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