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YMMV / My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic S6 E26 "To Where and Back Again Part 2"

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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Was Chrysalis straight-up lying about changeling's needing to steal love for the sake of her own power? Or did she honestly not know any better and her Control Freak and Revenge Before Reason tendencies prevented her from accepting otherwise? Her repose before her Redemption Rejection suggest she sincerely considered it before her desire for revenge overcame her.
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  • Anti-Climax Boss: Despite taking out everypony except Starlight, Chrysalis is defeated with as much effort as the giant timberwolf.
  • Ass Pull: Some saw Chrysalis's Power Nullifier throne appearing for the first time in this two-parter convenient, as it blocks everything but changeling magic and is strong enough to even effect Discord. Others saw it as a Necessary Weasel, because otherwise there would be no story if Discord could simply solve everything in an instant.
  • Author's Saving Throw: The reformation of major villains has been a touchy subject amongst the fandom, and the changelings' Heel–Race Turn is no different. However, while seemingly tempted, Chrysalis refuses to follow her former subjects and flies off more vindictive and evil than ever.
  • Broken Base:
    • The changeling's new forms. Either you find them garish and Narm worthy, or you think their new look fits with the idea they're insects (which are often colorful, in particular they resemble various beetles) and creative. Some feel they ruin changeling OCs, others feel they're a good thing for OCs because they make the changelings no longer a race of identical drones, which gives a greater variety to what designs can be done with them. A third group points out that Thorax didn't automatically change into his evolved form the moment he made a friend and the act that triggered it (his sharing love) was entirely his own choice, and thus it's entirely possible un-evolved changelings co-exist with the evolved ones and be filled by friends' love for them, so long as they don't share their love to trigger the transformation.
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    • The changelings becoming beautiful upon their Heel–Face Turn. Some state that it symbolises their race being whole while no longer needing to feed off love while the others hate it for flying in the face of Thorax's own reformation which didn't require him to change his outer appearance to be accepted by invoking the Beauty Equals Goodness trope.
  • Contested Sequel: To "Twilight's Kingdom" and "The Cutie Re-Mark". Some fans appreciated the slight curveball in status quo and having a villain not being reformed and remaining evil, but there are some that didn't like the anti-climactic resolution to Starlight Glimmer's season-long story arc (many believed some major status-quo-shattering event would happen, as prior season finales have done), and saw this two-parter as a pretty lackluster and disappointing end to Season Six. Some changeling fans were disappointed at the fact that except for Chrysalis, the species design was replaced by their new evolved forms.
  • Fanfic Fuel:
    • Countless questions abound in regards to the Changeling Kingdom now that the ousting of Chrysalis has started a new age of freedom. What will the fashion, cuisine, recreation, and architecture aspects of its new culture look like?
    • How will Chrysalis deal with the sudden loss of her kingdom and status? And seeing how there's a possibility that there's still a few of the old changelings around, how will Chrysalis rebuild her hive and exact her revenge on Starlight?
    • Now that Thorax has to rule the Changeling Kingdom, there are some questions regarding his brief stay in the Crystal Empire. How much of a fulfilling experience was it for him to learn about friendship and receive love from Cadance's family and the Crystal Ponies? How many more friends did he make there? Will he ever come back to visit them again?
  • Fanon: There are a few fans who teasingly suggest that the Trixie whom Discord pulled out of Trixie's hat is actually the one from the Equestria Girls universe pony-fied.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • The changelings' reformation is very similar to how it happened in the Pony POV Series: them finding out they don't need to steal love and it is in fact inferior to gaining love via sharing it. Then transforming into a more beautiful form as a result is also what happened when Cadence reformed them in Dark World. Death via the Queen draining all the love out of a changeling (which Chrysalis attempts on Thorax) is also the standard execution method the Queens use in that story. Chrysalis didn't think Starlight Glimmer was worth capturing, similar to how story Chrysalis constantly underestimates "background characters". As the Mane-iac found out the painful way when she didn't bother targeting Humdrum (Spike).
    • A Changeling King named Thorax? Already done in Maternal Instinct.
    • Not surprising since the original pony characters were designed by Lauren Faust, but the final forms of the changelings share similarities with the playable characters in Them's Fightin' Herds.
    • Fluffle Puff kinda predicted that the Changelings would turn against Chrysalis albeit without the form changing.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Chrysalis was always a sadistic monster, but when the implication comes out that she willfully and deliberately starved the changelings just to maintain control over them and only further herself, whatever Blue and Orange Morality excuse she had to fall back on for her villainy goes out the window. Not helping this is the fact that she attempted to drain all of the love from Thorax for his betrayal just to further stroke her delusional leadership.
  • Narm:
    • The changelings' new, Evolution Power-Up forms to some fans, who feel they are a bit too over-the-top.
    • Chrysalis's line, "Just as soon as I drain every last ounce of love," and Thorax's "I can feel the love inside me slipping away!" sound rather silly with the word "love" simply being used in such a grim context. This sentiment is reflected in the Bronies React episode covering this finale.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Starlight Glimmer further redeemed herself to many, since having her magic nullified (which also somewhat addressed critiques of Starlight's magic being inexplicably strong) forced her to show off how far she improved as a character to save the day. She also got very entertaining interactions with three other reformed villains.
  • Squick: When Chrysalis first appears, she emerges from behind cocoons like a spider and twists her head around like she has no bones in her body, complete with the sickening sound of joints cracking.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: There's a part of the fandom that are unhappy with the new changeling designs, prefering the old and darker look.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: More "they wasted a perfectly good form", but a number of fans were absolutely in love with the changelings as they were (Thorax in particular becoming an Ensemble Dark Horse rather quickly), being a unique mix of Ugly Cute adora-creepy. There is a Broken Base on whether the new designs look awesome or Narmy.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot:
    • A number of fans would have liked to see how the other characters were captured by the changelings. Explaining how the changelings managed to topple every powerful being in Equestria offscreen would be interesting to see, and it would help clear out the plot.
    • In addition to Discord, giving other characters who have personal ties to the captured ponies a chance to return and join Starlight's group, such as Gilda, Maud Pie, and Ember.
    • With a "They Missed a Chance to Make a Perfectly Good Joke" during the episode, while Trixie and Chrysalis are both voiced by Kathleen Barr, did anyone else wanted Trixie and Chrysalis commenting on each other's voices?
    • Keeping the changelings' ugly cute looks after their redemption would have made for a more powerful message against judging books by their cover, as well as taken up Mystique's statement from X2: X-Men United that just because you can change your shape to conform to expectations doesn't mean that you should have to.
  • Tough Act to Follow: Compared to the previous two season finales, this one has less action and cinematic feel and The Mane Six are Out of Focus.


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