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The woman from "Sabbath Queen" is Death of the Endless.

David will become king because Cross pulled strings.
Now that David's loyalty to Silas is broken, or at least frayed, and Jack has tried to back out of his deal, Cross will see David as a better means to topple Silas. He'll get David out of prison and eventually get him made king. David is too honorable to knowingly go along with a coup, but Cross could probably manage it anyway. Though I do wonder what Reverend Samuels will think of it all...

David is...
The form chosen by Shinji Ikari in an attempt to find a functional family. He thought that, if he was not dirt poor, he could have a nice life and so, all events are plan him to achieve this goal. He might have gained some fame and fortune, but his fortune and sense with choosing father figures still needs work. My bets are that Gendo was revived as Silas, thus he desired revenge for his time as tang. Yui was made into the queen. Jack is really Kaworu Nagisa, who sought Shinji again, but...well, naivete is expectable after a long time dead/whatever. Asuka/Rei is David's sweetheart, who was made less rough or more sociable, respectively

The entire series is set After the End
This troper has an acquaintance who missed the first few episodes, but her father, in his attempts to fill her in on what she missed, apparently interpreted Gilboa and Gath as After the End nations in the former United States. She couldn't give me many details on this theory, the whole thing was rather confusing...but in a way it's almost plausible. Perhaps something happened that tore the nation (even the world...if not for Austeria, I wouldn't even consider this aspect, though) apart and killed millions of people but left the land and cities relatively unscathed. Gilboa formed in perhaps what was once New England and Mid-Atlantic states, since Shiloh is pretty obviously near-identical to New York City, while Gath might be in the south or midwest somewhere, or maybe even the former Canada for all we know. As a theory, it doesn't explain everything, but it does make some sense...
  • Gath is stated to be north of Gilboa, with a large river marking the former border between the two countries. According to a map we see in one episode, Port Prosperity is just south of the Gilboa-Gath border, with a large body of water due west. It's possible that Gilboa encompasses much of the upper Atlantic states through the upper Midwest. Gath could be the remains of eastern Canada. According to the show, Gilboa seized Port Prosperity and other territories north of the river and used their industrial wealth to build Shiloh. Port Prosperity could encompass land north of the St. Lawrence River in southern Ontario or Quebec.
  • I think this was the creative intention for the following reasons:
    • No effort is made to even photoshop NYC as something else.
    • The King drives around in a late 90's Chevy Suburban. Aside from the fact these were made in Texas, if he's the King, surely he should have better wheels, unless some mass catastrophe destroyed the auto industry preventing newer taxi cabs and executive vehicles from being manufactured.
    • There's a scene in the first few episodes where Jack takes David out on the town, and they arrive in a 1950's (!) model Sikorsky helicopter. That had to be a deliberate selection on the part of the producers/writers/directors. If all the modern ones were called up for a war effort long ago and no new ones were built...
    • There's also a scene in "Chapter One" which strongly suggests that the United States of America does (or did) exist in the Kings' 'verse. When David visits the bar in the southern territories on his search for the Charter, he orders a "Bourbon." Bourbon whiskey is a distinctive product of the U.S.; most all of it (95%) is distilled in Kentucky. If there were no U.S., then bourbon whiskey would likely be called something else. On a related note, the name Bourbon comes from the House of Bourbon, a European royal house of French origin which would imply France exists or existed to provide the name.

Andrew and Michelle were going to be betrothed before Michelle's cancer (and Andrew's exile).
  • God knows whether the taboo on Kissing Cousins would apply in this setting, but they're about the same age, at least.

A butterfly flapped its wings and things ended up very differently in America.
  • When Ian McShane appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to promote Kings, Jon Stewart described it as "America if we had a monarchy instead". So for whatever reason, America seceded from Britain, but for some reason became a monarchy instead of a democracy; the conflict between those who wanted a democracy and those who wanted a monarchy resulted in Gath and Gilboa—in effect, America's Civil War became about monarchy vs. democracy, between East vs. West—and further, it never really resolved before now.


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