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Richie died in the line of duty on 9/11
He was a New York firefighter and he disappeared around that time. He got killed in the WTC attack and it was never mentioned onscreen.
  • The final episodes may support this theory: they break with the convention established after 9/11, where American film and TV virtually abandoned flagging New York-set episodes with static or panoramic shots showing the Manhattan skyline. Panoramic shots showing the Two Towers would have been inappropriate; even showing the new Manhattan skyline was like a raw wound, reminding America of what was no longer there. KoQ must have been among the first shows to return to this visual convention with a New York skyline that no longer had the Twin Towers in it. The final two or three episodes all flag the location as being Carrie's much-desired Manhattan apartment by using the iconic NY skyline - but obviously without the Twin Towers. Indirectly, and without words, a farewell to FDNY firefighter Richie? Just a thought....
    • Seems like a bit of stretch.

There is no such thing as a Douchenburger.
Arthur was taken in by an Honest John's Dealership and in actuality bought an Austin Mini Mk III. He didn't even notice they were insulting him with the name.

Carrie introduced Deacon and Kelly.
It has been noted that Carrie and Kelly's friendship predates Doug and Deacon's, which is usually chalked up to a Series Continuity Error. However, it is never stated that Deacon was already with Kelly when he met Doug. Perhaps Carrie introduced Deacon to her high school friend, which would reconcile the fact that Carrie and Kelly go back further than Doug and Deacon.

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