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Drinking Game / Kings

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  • Take a sip each time King Silas does something not in the best interests of Gilboa
    • Drain the glass if a higher power (God, Death) told him to do the opposite
  • Take a sip for each thing that would have been resolved in the second season
  • Take a sip and have a stomach pump/will ready each time you see a butterfly
    • Drain the glass if said butterflies are part of a "crowning*
  • Raise your glass, cheer and drink in honor of the palace guards when they appear
    • Drain your glass if their actions end up affecting the main plot.
  • Punch the person and steal their drink if they make a remark that the rocket launcher that David used against the Goliath tank was a SLING
  • Take a sip each time an obvious Biblical reference gets through the haze
    • If you can spot one that isn't that obvious through the haze, everyone else drains their glass
  • Take a sip each time someone references the fact that the power has gone out
  • If any of your drinking buddies (friends don't let friends drink alone) thinks that Abadon would have made a better king than Silas, take a drink if you agree.
  • Take a sip each time Andrew Cross does something odd
    • Finish the drink if it ends up interfering with the A-plot.
  • In order to air theories about what Andrew Cross did to get himself exiled, proposer must drain a glass.

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