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In the Mouth of Madness, The Thing, and Prince of Darkness are all taking place in the same universe.
Wait, all three films are referred to as "the apocalypse trilogy"... would that make Sutter Cane, the alien bacteria and the titular prince of darkness three out of the four horsemen?
  • Yeah, but which ones? Obviously the bacteria is Pestilence, but what are the other two? They can't both be death.
    • I'd go Pestilence for the Thing, being the ultimate virus, War for Satan and Anti-god, as they inspire a hate plague. Sutter Cane doesn't really fit though.
      • Alternately, they all take place out of chronological order. Satan was trying to bring Anti-God into earth, and who turned out to be Sutter Cane. Sutter Cane was trying to bring the Great Old Ones to earth by breaking the fourth wall with his reality warping powers. Finally, The Thing just happens to be the first of the Great Old Ones to break through, and after the events of the movie, more Old Ones, possibly even worse than the Thing will be emerging all over earth.
Both are masters of the "Time Bomb Under the Table" effect.
John Carpenter is Sutter Cane!
And Sutter Cane WAS H P Lovecraft! But books did not reach that many people back in the day, and H P Lovecraft's visions and writings were not so well received in the era they were written, so he rewrote himself as a new character and became John Carpenter. Of course films being the new medium to reach the largest audience was all part of the plan, unfortunately, his films were not mainstream enough to be massive blockbusters and reach the maximum number of people possible to cause the apocalypse. Maybe he will become a game developer next...

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