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Revy and Meltdown were close friends.
  • Both use the expression "Fuckin' A". (Or, in Meltdown's case, "effin'".)
  • Both use a Beretta. (Or Berettas, in Revy's case.)
  • Both are efficient with Guns Akimbo.
  • They're also psychopaths.

Raider is an alternate universe version of Murderface.
  • They're both ugly.
  • They slur words and at times, make no sense.
  • They look similar and sound similar. (Except for the slurring part.)
  • They're also somewhat jerkassed. (For example: Murderface attempts to be sensitive and fails, whereas Raider is a decent merc but gets angry if he does not see combat or try some sort of task, like training militia - it's also implied Raider's more worried about Raven's insurance policy than Raven herself)
    • Ugly? I mean, being a fellow guy, I'm no real judge of male facial appearance, but he doesn't seem ugly. Average appearance, sure, but this is hardly "ugly." I don't recall him slurring his words, but admittedly it has been a while. Though I do recall that weird, deep yet squeaky voice.

Red is either a relative or alternate version of the Demoman

  • They're blonde snipers armed with a BFG.
  • Cheerful.
  • British.
  • Seras, decidedly not killing Nazi Zombies and Vampires, was tapped by the SAS after her sniping skills got honed. Changed her name to Sheila and got married.
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  • Apparently like killing when they kill enough...

Tony, the gun runner from San Mona, also runs Bobby Ray's.
  • The internet is a wonderful thing, but someone is bound to "step out for a bit" to replenish and handle all those shipments.
  • Besides, where else is he going to market all those guns you collected from Dedrianna's soldiers?

Steroid learned how to speak English from watching Arnold Schwarzenegger movies
  • Which is why his accent sounds nowhere near Polish. He sounds like an Arnold impersonator, because he thinks that's how everyone who speaks English actually talks.

Ivan speaks better English than he lets on.

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