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  • Development Hell: Jagged Alliance 3 is up there with Half-Life 3 in terms of third instalments that will probably never happen. First announced in 2004, there is still not sign of it as of 2018, especially after being passed around by several studios.
    • Hired Guns: The Jagged Edge was originally ment to be Jagged Alliance 3 but following development hell ended up being a Divorced Installment.
  • Franchise Zombie: With Sir-Tech having closed down in 2003, a variety of studios have developed Jagged Alliance games. Sadly, none of them have been able to live up to 2.
  • What Could Have Been: Jagged Alliance 2 had a number of things cut during development, much of which has been reactivated in the 1.13 modification.
    • The game was originally designed around the Sci-Fi mode as the default, with no switch to turn off its features. The toggle for it came late in development.
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    • Code for enemy air-strikes was found in the game, and early versions of the 1.13 mod reactivated them, only to find out why they were removed in the first place: They tended to cause crashes, wreaked havoc with the game balance, and were far more dangerous toward civilians and enemy troops than your mercs. Later versions of the mod removed them with no plans to reactivate it again.
    • Item code for a Flamethrower weapon exists, but its description specifically notes that it was cut.
    Sorry, guys, but this item didn't make it into the game!
    • It was planned that the first time you take Drassen, it would trigger a massive counter-attack that would almost certainly force you to retreat. It was cut for balance and pacing reasons, but added back into the 1.13 mod (where its been one of the more controversial additions).
    • Towns would have had enemy spies that would have caused trouble in captured towns until eliminated. The removal seems like it was done fairly late in development, as dialogue from Ira and Dmitri makes mention of spies while in captured town.

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