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Shortly after the end of the game, a horrible disaster strikes Forget-me-Not Valley.
Right after the player dies at the end of the game, an earthquake suddenly hits the valley. Tons of debris come off the mountain, and Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies. However, shortly afterwards, all of the townspeople reconvene in Fluffy Cloud Heaven. Since, for them, heaven is home and family, all they truly need to do is rebuild their valley to be happy again. So the townies use their mental power to construct a perfect replica of Forget-me-Not Valley in Heaven so they can live in peace and happiness for all eternity.

This is why you still see all your friends and family in Heaven with you at the end of the game.

The citizens of Forget-me-Not Valley are cursed
Same as an earlier theory, but with a different explaination. Throughout the game almost everyone stays about the same as they were when you first got there. What makes this theory more believable is which people AREN'T affected; Hugh, Kate, Lumina, your son, and you. The curse seems to only affect adults, so Lumina, Kate, Hugh, and your kid are safe. There's another theory higher up explaining why you're not affected. Carter and Flora's excavation site is actually them looking for a way to break the curse, which is on those tablets you find.

The games take place in the 50s - 70s
It has a vague time period feel, but in all essence it feels similar to that time period. The DS games take place one hundred years in the future but that would be a "20 Minutes into the Future" type case. The FOMT and MFOMT games take place at the same time and seem more modern though, so FMNV may just have a retro feel since it's in a valley and rural. Maybe it's in the 80s. But 70s seems like the best bet for both series together.
  • Maybe even the 20s since the world seems rather advanced thus it would be Schizo Tech.

You die for some strange reason
It's obviously odd. You're in your early twenties when you first become a farmer, and twenty years later you die. Even the senior citizens are still kicking, and they must be in their 90s. It's possibly you died due to overworking, stress on the body, a farm related disease, not taking care of yourself, etc.

Takakura is an immortal who feeds on souls.
Think about it. Your character's father suddenly dies and Taka calls you out of the blue to ask you to run the farm. And then once you've aged sufficiently, he eats your soul, causing you to suddenly 'pass away.' He's clearly a lot older than you and even outlives you. Bonus fridge horror when you consider the possibility that he consumed Nina's soul too, and is plotting to target your character's son next.

Kate is adopted
She looks nothing like her parents. They're Japanese, she looks more white. They have black hair, she had brown.
  • Alternatively Samantha cheated on her husband. It could be recessive genes though..

Tim and Ruby had a biological son that died as a child
In their room they have a photo, which the player remarks includes a boy that does not look like Rock.

The ending was just a bad dream
The ending for A Wonderful Life was just a bad dream the hero/heroine had. The fact that you were in your 50's/60's when you supposidly expired while Galen, Takakura, and Romana (a woman in her 90's by the end game) still live is rather fishy. Espeically since it was so sudden as no signs leading to your death was shown. The fact you can still play after the ending in Another Wonderful Life and Special Edition implied it was just a dream and continued on with the farm as normal.

This game will get a remake and be on Nintendo Switch least at first.
Hikaru Nakano who is the director of Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town remake said they maybe open to remaking the older titles. This is a Black Sheep title, but has a cult following.
  • With remakes and remasters being a thing, perhaps it also may include cut content that didn't make it in the original all those years ago.

The player character had cancer
Bit of a dark WMG, but it would explain how Mark, who seemed to be fit and healthy, died ~50/60 whereas everyone else except for Nina is still alive. So, my guess is that they had a slow growing cancer that took them in their sleep; certain brain tumors can do that, and unless caught early, they’re relatively hard to notice since it’s usually the chemotherapy that causes the general weakness and poor health. While farm work is indeed hard and rigorous, it still stretches credulity considering the other farmers lived long and full lives.

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