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Headscratchers / Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life

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  • How does Galen, the guy who looks about 70 from the start, OUTLIVE THE PLAYER? I was thinking he died between years 3 and four (after his wife Nina), and the Galen you talk to after that is a ghost, but...
    • The game takes place over the span of thirty years or so. It's sane to say he can live to be 90 - 100.
  • Am I the only one who thinks Marlin's crush on Celia in Another Wonderful Life is a little squicky? I mean, Vesta describes Celia as "like a daughter" to her in A Wonderful Life, and Marlin is Vesta's brother. I realize Celia doesn't have any biological relation to Vesta and Marlin, but the notion of the latter having a crush on Celia kind of rubs me the wrong way.
    • Vesta sees Celia as a daughter. But Marlin is young and closer to Celia's age. It's not like they adopted her, they just let her live with them while she works there.
  • How is it that Celia's heart events can be viewed out of order? In my first game file, I ended up seeing Celia's third heart event (the one where she has to go shopping) first, and this was when she only had one red heart in her diary (even though the marriage guide on GameFAQs says that Celia needs two or three red hearts for that heart event to be triggered). Is this some kind of harmless glitch or something (I've noticed that neither Muffy nor Nami seem to have this problem)?

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