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You and Jamie are the Official Couple
All the other bachelor/etttes have love interests. Jamie takes quite the interest into you, and you to him. The game also ends if you marry him.

The games takes place in the AWL-FOMT universe, which in itself is an AU to the 64 universe
Nami appears, presumably before she goes to FMNV (or possibly in canon Mark marries Celia and Nami goes away). This would explain why the characters are alive and concurrent with characters born way after them. The STH gang moved away from their town for some reason. Alternatively..

A lot of characters are reincarnations of the SNES, and STH, gang
Take DS to AWL-FOMT. It takes place one hundred years after and everyone has an Identical Grandson. Nami doesn't appear to have been in Forget-Me-Not, the STH gang don't appear to have ever been in the their STH town (or have met Tony), and the SNES gang are alive and modern. This would make this game set in the 64 timeline, which is also set in the To T timeline.

If there is a sequel-type remake of Magical Melody, Jamie will still be the Official Love Interest in the form of a Third-Option Adaptation.
Jamie will reference having been in love, once, but that person is No Longer with Us, and Jamie never gives enough details to determine which (if either) of the MM protagonists was the former love interest or even formed a relationship with Jamie. If you marry Jamie and express a wish to have a child, the mayor (or somebody) will show up with a Doorstop Baby (a la DS Cute) regardless whether you're male or female.

Magically Melody is the happier sequel to Save The Homeland's possible Downer Ending.
In Save the Homeland, if you fail to complete any of the nine good Endings, the town is destroyed and turned into an Amusement Park, forcing the characters to leave. Magical Melody is a game set two years after the bad ending (since Katie was 16 in STH, and 18 in MM), and shows all of the characters from Save The Homeland settling into a new town, reuniting with each other while reopening their businesses (and in the Japanese version, they can even marry their loves from the last game).

Jamie is a hermaphrodite
In the Gamecube version of Magical Melody you can play as a Boy or Girl, both of whom can marry and have kids with Jamie.You can say "The game just made Jamie the opposite sex of whoever you're playing" But canon wise this makes a little more sense.
  • More plausibly, Jamie is just genderfluid and doesn't identify as female or male. Alternatively, he/she is bisexual or pansexual.

The characters are uncertain of Jamie's gender
He's fairly androgynous with a rather neutral voice and clothing that covers up any Adam's Apple or breasts. As a woman she's a bifauxnen since the Note refers to her as a male no matter what. There's also the awkward "Jamie is a boy/girl" from the sprites during the wedding.

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