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Your character's not the only one who was arrested by Gustav's men
While Gustav made you his top priority due to your dealings with Dean, he decided to take no chances and accused the entire Guild of conspiring against the throne. (which I assume is what he charged you with) This is why no one comes to your defense when you're arrested; they've also been imprisoned. The only guildmember who would likely avoid imprisonment is Samuel, but even he was placed under house arrest while he and his guild were "investigated."

The Sorceress is Older Than She Looks
The card for the Sorceress when upgrading her skills in the Adventurers' guild shows an old, wrinkly-looking sorceress on the top and a younger woman on the bottom. Perhaps she uses magic to maintain her youth, not unlike how Tsunade from Naruto uses Chakra to maintain her good looks at the age of 50+.
  • It is pretty much stated that Morgan is way older than she looks. She was the little girl riding a golem in one of the art pieces and that event took place a century ago.

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