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Headscratchers / Dragon's Crown

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  • How exactly does Gustav manage to justify having Hydelide's most famous hero attacked in broad daylight and arrested for a "crime" that's never even specified?
    • You're not a famous hero at this point, or at least not one known to be working with the castle, and since he's controlling the princess at the time, it's not like he's worried about the citizens questioning his actions, especially since they're worried about the kingdom being taken over due to the king's absence anyway.
  • Did Kamitani really draw the naked dwarves because of Kotaku? I imagined that it was drawn previously and decided to use it rather than take time out of his busy schedule to create something out of spite.
    • From what I've heard, yes, it was a piece he drew earlier. Supposedly, Kamitani had drawn that dwarf art because Japanese retailers, looking to promote the game more, would request for him to draw pin-up art of the Sorceress and Amazon, and Kamitani was more or less wary of such requestsnote . Thus, the art of the three dwarves was somewhat of his Take That! to those retailers.

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