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Fizban is Gilgamesh from Final Fantasy V
Come on, it's Gilgamesh!

The Moon Gods moons really contain sealed Eldritch Abominations.
And these sealed monsters are the REAL source of magic from the moons.
  • wouldn’t be the 1st time an eldritch abomination was sealed in a moon in dnd. See: ruidius of exandria.

Primal Sorcery and Mysticism is the magic that mortals were meant to use all along.
They are the original magic that has always been available to the people of Krynn. Magic from the gods is something that was introduced to the world.
  • Confirmed

Flint and/or Tasslehoff were working for Kitiara in "Dragons of Spring Dawning".

1) When Flint, Tas and Laurana were all in Palanthas, Tas suspected and Flint knew that Raistlin was in the city as well. They also both knew that Laurana was desperate for information about Tanis at that time, and that Raistlin could provide her that information, yet neither of them bothered to tell her Raistlin was there. (Flint even specifically forbid Tas from telling Laurana anything). If Laurana had spoken to Raistlin she would have learned that Tanis had rejected Kitiara and thus would never have fallen for Kitiara's trap. Instead Flint and Tas deliberately kept critical information from her, guaranteeing that Laurana would continue to believe Tanis was with Kitiara, a belief Kitiara later used to manipulate Laurana.

2) When Kitiara wanted to get a false message to Laurana she went through them.

3) They sat on the message for several hours and did not deliver it to Laurana until late at night at a time when they knew she was both exhausted and inebriated and thus would not be capable of thinking clearly.

4) After they "failed" at convincing Laurana the message was a trick, they did nothing else to try and stop her, even though they both believed she was falling into a trap that would almost certainly get her killed. If they had really been friends who wanted to protect her, then once they saw Laurana was acting irrationally and would not listen to them, they would have told Gilthanas and the knights what was happening, so they could try and talk her down or as a last resort physically restrain her for her own protection.

5) They were the ones that showed Laurana the secret passageway that enabled her to get to the meeting site on time and without being detected. Without their "help" here the whole scheme would have failed.

6) Supposed threats on their lives were how Bakaris kept Laurana under control.

7) They did not even try to keep Lord Soth from carrying off Laurana. With the supposedly fearless Tasslehoff suddenly claiming he was to afraid to do anything.

8) Lord Soth allowed both of them to live, a mercy he had no reason to grant unless they were working for Kitiara.

  • At least number 7 is Jossed - it's established that supernatural fear does affect him.

Raistlin and Lelouch are counterparts to each other.
Both Raistlin and Lelouch are Magnificent Bastards and Manipulative Bastards who have a fondness for wearing black, and both feel pity for the weak and contempt for those in power. They both also have Redemption Equals Death that happens to them. It is clear that they are each others counterparts.

The "mountain" that crashed into Krynn during the Cataclysm was actually a Lavos Spawn.

It came from the Bad Future in Chrono Trigger and found its way to Krynn. The gods just took credit for it, even though they had not planned to do anything so drastic to Krynn. The Lavos Spawn is now growing into a full-fledged Lavos and will emerge in tens of millions of years.

  • The Annotated Chronicles of the original trilogy state that the Cataclysm was a meteor. This would be consistent with Cathan's vision in the Kingpriest Trilogy where he see the fireball coming from outer space. For what it's worth, the Spelljammer Wiki's article on Krynn claims that the cataclysm in Taladas was caused by the Cataclysm's meteor going back out through the other side of the planet.
  • There was a second flaming mountain that struck Krynn, on the northern continent of Taladas. What happens when Lavos meets Lavos?

Tasslehoff did nothing to alter Raistlin's attempt to open the Portal.

The actual difference in the timeline comes from the fact that Raistlin possessed the Staff of Magius, while Fistandantilus did not. He was able to use it to hold the portal open and stable enough for him and Crysania to pass through.