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Tear Jerker / Dragonlance

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Unmarked spoilers ahead.

  • Sturm's death. Apparently even the authors cried as they wrote the scene.
  • The death of Tanis in Dragons of Summer Flame.
  • Tas sitting there with Flint's helmet, crying for his lost friend.
    • The epilogue in Dragons of Spring Dawning, where Fizban is comforting Tas:
      ''Beside the forge of Reorx is a tree of surpassing beauty, the likes of which no living being has ever seen. Beneath that tree sits a grumbling old dwarf, relaxing after many labors. A mug of cold ale stands beside him, and the fire of the forge is warm upon his bones. He spends all day lounging beneath the tree, carving and shaping the wood he loves. And every day someone who comes past that beautiful tree starts to sit down beside him.
      "That place is saved," the dwarf grumbles. "There's a lamebrained doorknob of a kender off adventuring somewhere getting himself into no end of trouble. One day he'll show up and admire my tree and say, "Flint, I'm tired. I think I'll rest awhile here with you."
  • Unexpectedly for a book that's basically a comedy about the Knights of Takhisis being flummoxed by tinker gnomes, The Siege of Mount Nevermind has a few strong ones, mostly near the end. The determined resistance of the gnomes after spending most of the book as comic relief is surprisingly moving at many points, but the strongest comes with Halion Khargos, the leader of the Knights expedition to Mount Nevermind, recalling his youth on the island and realizing there was more nobility and strength in the simple life he abandoned, and sitting down to die in the face of a rampaging dragon out of the depths of the mountain. This act left the strictly regimented group of Knights leaderless and easier to push off, but was also just an attempt at atoning for his life of evil.
  • The end of Test of the Twins.
    And then the light was gone. The Portal slammed shut, and blackness pounced upon him with raging, slathering fury. Talons ripped his flesh, teeth tore through muscle, and crunched bone. Blood flowed from his breast, but it would not take with it his life.
    He screamed, and he would scream, and he would keep on screaming, unendingly...
    Something touched him... a hand... He clutched at it as it shook him, gently. A voiced called, "Raist! Wake up! It was only a dream. Don't be afraid. I won't let them hurt you! Here, watch... I'll make you laugh."
    The dragon's coils tightened, crushing out his breath. Glistening black fangs ate his living organs, devoured his heart. Tearing into his body, they sought his soul.
    A strong arm encircled him, holding him close. A hand raised, gleaming with silver light, forming chilish pictures in the night, and the voice, dimly heard, whispered, "Look, Raist, bunnies..."
    He smiled, no longer afraid. Caramon was here.
  • The short story "A Painter's Vision" from the anthology Love And War. It's just... impossible to describe and do it justice. It's heartbreaking and beautiful and utterly destroys you inside.
  • Caramon's death in the hands of Tas and his reaction to it.
  • At the end of Autumn Twilight, Mataflur had taken care of children and woman captives... but upon seeing a weapon made to kill dragons, suffered traumatic flashbacks of her own children flying off and never returning. The kids see her in such a state and start screaming at the heroes not to hurt her, and of course they're not. So they get forced to make a tearful goodbye to Matafleur. She later on performs a Heroic Sacrifice when another dragon comes to kill them and pushes them into a mountain. It's said later on you could hear her spirit say "My children".
    • Eliborating on this: she's an incredibly elderly red dragon half-blind who has gone senile. During the previous dragon war, she begged her spawn not to continue to fight in a war she knew was already lost once the forces of Good started to use the dreaded Dragonlance, she watched them die. Now she relives their deaths, while is described in her insanity as thinking of the children of the hostages she's guarding AS her children. The women hostages outright pity her and are on speaking terms with her, while the children hostages thinking of her as "their" dragon, even the heroes are reluctant at the idea of killing her. When the arc-villain declares he'll kill the hostages, mentioning the children in particular, she attacks without hesitation, dropping the villain into his duel with the heroes, while she fights his partner in crime, the red dragon Ember, who she kamikazes herself to kill, her last thoughts being of her brood.