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Agnes Nielsen's former husband was Noah
When speaking of deceased husband to Doris she mentions he was a pastor and implies he abusive. Given the nature of this series, it would not be surprising if he was Back from the Dead by some means and which character fits these aforementioned described traits?
  • Jossed: Agnes is revealed in Season 2 to be Noah's sister.

Scarred future girl is Martha.
She looks similar, and she seems to recognize Jonas, and that he's from the past.
  • Unlikely. Her actress, Lea van Acken, is 18 years old. If she really is connected to Martha in some way, it's more likely she is her daughter.
  • Jossed in season 2: Martha dies just before the apocalypse, so the girl is unrelated to her.
    • Well, she's unrelated to that Martha, anyway.

Noah is future Bartosz.
They look similar, and Bartosz is being lead down a dark path, especially as he turns against Jonas.
  • Jossed: We see young Noah in Season 2 and he looks nothing like Bartosz.

Aleksander/Boris is future Bartosz.
Again, they look similar (even moreso than Noah and Bartosz), and there's more to the Aleksander/Boris story than has been told. And given how Charlotte & Elizabeth's relationship shaped up, it's not out of the question.
  • Highly unlikely though. Aleksander in the 1986/87 timeline is just a few years older than Bartsosz in the 2019/20 timeline. There's no way they're the same person. The series uses different actors for characters who are 33 years apart in age...not 3ish years!

Season 2 will be set in 2052/3 and 1920/1, because Jonas' attempt to destroy the wormhole expanded it or created two in the same place.
When Agnes Nielsen is asked by Egon who her grandmother was, she is interrupted before she can answer. The Law of Conservation of Detail suggests that whatever name she was about to give would be one the viewer will recognise. In order for this to be true, one of the characters we've seen must travel back to the past to become her grandmother. But for this to be the case they must travel back further than 1953.

The only way this can be possible is if the range of time covered by the wormhole has increased. We saw Jonas arrive in the future at the end of season one, so who's to say the wormhole hasn't also gone further into the past ie: 66 years either side of 1986/7?

  • Or Agnes has come from the future.
    • Sort of confirmed in Season 2: 1921 does feature, but Agnes' role is unconnected.

By the end of the show, Michael's suicide will be undone
Mikkel is obsessed with Houdini. What is Houdini famous for? Not just being a magician, but being an escape artist. No matter how impossible it looks, thematically he should escape his fate.

Most likely either because the suicide was faked in the first place in order to preserve the timeloop or because the eventual breaking of the timeloop changes the story and allows him a happy ending.

Adam isn't who he says he is
The only evidence we have is his word and a scar, and why should we believe him?
  • Well there's a moment late in Season 2 in which he's imagining Martha, so that does seem to confirm his identity.

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