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Headscratchers / Dark (2017)

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  • The series of events that lead to Mikkel time-traveling to 1986 seems extremely unlikely. The kids are standing near the cave when they hear noises coming from somewhere in the vicinity and run away from the cave. Yet when Jonas and Mikkel get separated, for some reason Mikkel runs back to the cave, i.e. towards the noises they were escaping from, and decides to go inside the cave without a light source or anything. Then, instead of going just a bit deeper into the cave and hiding there until the noises go away, he decides to walk the long and complex route to the metal door, go through it and through the other door to find himself in 1986. How does any of that make sense, even for a 11-year old?
    • It's not clear whether Mikkel actually went through the passage in the cave. It's possible that he simply fell through a rift opened by the experiment with Mads.
    • All of that is explained in season 2.
  • It's mentioned several times than Winden is a fairly uneventful town with few serious crimes, so when kids start disappearing, everyone thinks back to the events of 1986, when Mads Nielsen went missing. So how come no one brings up the events of 1953, when two dead children were found in roughly the same area where Mikkel, Erik, and Mads went missing, and another kid was beaten half to death? Even if the cops in 1953 pinned the murders on Ulrich, you'd think such a gruesome case would've stayed in collective memory (especially since there are elderly people alive who still remember it), inviting comparisons and making the 2019 cops discover that the bodies found in 1953 were mutilated the same way as the 2019 body? It's only after Charlotte starts suspecting time travel and figures out the 33 year cycle that she discovers the 1953 events, and it doesn't seem anyone else had brought them up before.
    • The events of 1953 was not children going missing but unknown children found dead. People might remember those events but not make a link.
  • Similarly, the 2019 cops are tasked with going through the events of 1986 with a fine comb, with Ulrich especially being obsessed with it, for obvious reasons. How come no one discovers a police report stating that a strange kid with no known parents appeared in Winden soon after Mads disappeared? Besides the police report, it would seem likely that the authorities would have made the case public and released Mikkel's photo for the newspapers to print, so that his parents could be found. Yet no one in 2019 seems to be aware of the case, nor does anyone discover any photos of Mikkel from 1986.
    • If I remember correctly, they were asked to look for child disappearances. Maybe they're focusing on that kind of events and don't want to lose time searching other unrelated things.

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