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Fridge / Dark (2017)

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Fridge Brilliance

  • Hitler's Time Travel Exemption Act: Subverted. Despite being stranded in 1921 for some time, Jonas never entertains the idea to kill Hitler before he becomes a problem in the first place. However, this ultimately is justified because (a) by that point he's aware that he can't drastically alter the timeline and (b) the apocalypse is arguably a bigger concern than a World War that didn't result in the end of civilization.
  • The reason Egon Tiedemann hates Ulrich? Not just because Ulrich bullied his granddaughter but also because his wife (presumably) ran off with Ulrich's grandmother. 1986-Ulrich calling Egon a drunk on a regular basis didn't help matters at all.
    • Furthermore, his wife leaving him for a woman may have been a catalyst for his alcoholism.
    • There is also the reveal 1953-Egon arrested 2019-Ulrich for the suspicion of child murder, so he is also influenced by thinking 1986-Ulrich looks like a younger version of a killer he once caught.

Fridge Horror

This idea that You Can't Fight Fate is strong in this series so, considering the events of the second season, it means that Jonas will inevitably become Adam and everything Young-Jonas and Older-Jonas may try to do to stop him is going to be in vain.


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