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Trivia / Dark (2017)

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  • Big Name Fan: Noelle Stevenson, of Nimona and She-Ra and the Princesses of Power fame, has been very effusive in her love of the series on Twitter.
  • Product Placement: An odd example. Plenty of Raider bars, its packaging and even an advert appear throughout the series. Raider was the brand name for Mars, inc's Twix bar in many countries - including Germany - until 1991. Yet not a single Twix package appears in the series, so most likely Raider wasn't used as a product placement but as a clue to the time-travel business going on, when a pristine Raider wrapper is found lying on the ground in 2019, 28 years after the name change.
    • Ironically, you can now buy Twix in nostalgic "Raider" packaging in supermarkets throughout Germany. Everything is connected.
    • Raider is a staple of the German 80s precisely because it was renamed into Twix in the 90s (and had a huge marketing campaign going along with it). It's something Germans who lived through that time can relate to. In a way, it's kinda like the use of the narmy 1st edition of Dn D in Stranger Things.

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