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The country controlled by the Ministry of Information in Brazil is the capitalist state overthrown by the predecessors of the Party in Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Brazil is to post-war Britain as 1984 is to totalitarian socialism.
Think about it: a mixture of decrepit nationalized industry, consumerism, general administrative incompetence, every explosion being blamed on "terrorists" (the IRA in Real Life?)

Or, the state in Brazil is just a corporatocracy after all
Given the rampant consumerism, it could just as easily make sense that Central Services is an inept corporate monopoly that has essentially taken on the role of government, rather than a nationalized industry (in which the government takes over the role of private enterprise), and would explain Gilliam's working title of So That's Why The Bourgeoisie Sucks.

(Partly inspired by a mix-up with airline seat booking which reminded this WMG's author of the administration in the film, as well as general observances on monopolies producing poor quality results).


Or the whole point is it doesn't matter.
Totalitarian state socialism vs. totalitarian corporate monopoly leading to much the same results- a mixture of extreme repression and total incompetence. Only the window-dressing is different. (Noting both many Marxists and left-anarchists critical of regimes like the USSR point out that they were "state capitalist" not truly socialist, whilst many moderates consider The Horseshoe Effect.)

"This has not been a recording" is not a Suspiciously Specific Denial.
It's some poor person working nightshift and working off a script, meant as a joke to show how stupidly inefficient the organization is. Why would they bother with a recording when they can use makework?

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