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Nightmare Fuel / Brazil

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  • Torture with a scalpel and electric saw, by someone wearing a baby-face mask. Especially if that man in the baby mask happens to be one of your closest friends, who is apathetic to your pain simply because he is doing his job.
  • Speaking of baby-face, what is up with those hunchbacked creatures in Sam's dreams? They appear again once Sam gets arrested and interrogated, with one of them getting its face all up in the camera.
  • The heavily dystopian future depicted in the film overall. The sheer Paranoia Fuel that one must face having to live in this world is pretty frightening, with something as small as a bug falling into a typewriter determining whether you are going to die or not.
  • Jack Lint in general, simply because he's a Punch-Clock Villain who sees torture as just part of his job. Casual, systematic evil can be far more disturbing than being straight-up cackling evil.
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  • Michael Palin is considered the 'nicest' Python, is described by many women (and men) as "cute", and in general is considered one of the most pleasant people in the world. Say, you know what sounds like fun? Watching him get his face blown off.
  • Mrs. Tuttle, still living in the utter wreck of an apartment that the SWAT raid of the prologue left behind, completely torn to pieces from the shock and in tears:
    "What have you done with his body? He was good! What have you done with his boooooddddyyyyyy!"
    • In the aftermath of her husband being taken for no apparent rhyme or reason she's gone catatonic, her son has become psychotic and her daughter has gone to some kind of Happy Place and is constantly waiting for her father to come back... which he won't because he's been tortured to death and his body destroyed. One of Sam's nightmares includes flashing back to Mrs. Tuttle's screaming. And the truly scary part? This kind of collateral damage happens all the time and nobody gives a damn because of apathy, stupidity, or worse yet, the (pretty unfortunately well-founded) fear that if they try to protest they will be labeled "terrorists" and dragged off to Information Retrieval themselves.

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